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heremke (PHPro)

This tool keeps an eye out for untranslated strings and reports them to the user.
You can edit untranslated string or existing translation

Releases (5)

Date Version Notes
2012-07-10 1.1.3

Release 1.1.3

2012-06-19 1.1.2

The backend was not logging strings. This has been fixed.
Also translated the module itself.

2012-03-22 1.1.1

- Fixed namespace bug, a namespace is always added now.
- Fixed an issue where deleting a storeview resulted in a 404 on the detail of untranslated strings.

2012-01-12 1.0.1

PHPro Advanced Translate Module

2011-12-22 1.0.0

PHPro Advanced Translate Module