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vf (Viktor Franz)

Protected Shops creates legal texts like terms and conditions, notice of revocation, imprint and privacy policy for their customers and helps the traders to fulfill the often complicated legal obligations in online trading with consumers. The law texts are based on current legislation which is subject to changes through new laws or court decisions. The law texts therefore have to be amended regularly. Protected Shops takes care of these adjustments and supplies them to the traders.

At the same time the business model from the traders changes regularly and causes modifications in the legal texts. For example adding a payment method in the online shop can affect both the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy.

The extension helps the trader with necessary changes in his legal texts and helps him to implement them automatically and completely. The texts are provided over an API in many different forms (Text, HTML, PDF) from Protected Shops. The trader can decide which texts he wants to use from Protected Shops and in which form he wants to use them. The texts are not only implemented to display them on the website but can also be integrated in the process of the shop.

Synchronizing happens in an asynchronous manner and regularly, the frequency of the updating can be determined by the customer himself. It is also possible to synchronizing the law text immediately at the push of a button.

Releases (1)

Date Version Notes
2014-06-30 1.0.0

initial extension of Protected-Shops for Magento