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Quick License Manager
is a software license protection tool that protects your application against piracy. Quick License Manager Professional is a commercial product that sells for $US 600 per license. You can consult our pricing and purchase a QLM Professional license on our web site. This QLM Magento Extension is available free of charge to all QLM Professional customers.

If you use Quick License Manager (QLM) to protect your application against piracy, you can now streamline the license key generation process with our Magento integration.
When an order is placed via Magento, our Magento extension communicates with the QLM License Server and sends the order and customer information to the QLM License Server.
The QLM License Server populates its database with the order information, creates the required license keys and sends them back to Magento.
Magento then stores the License Key within the order and includes the license key in the email that is sent to the customer.


- Sends order information to the QLM License Server
- Generates a license key based on the order
- Embeds the license key in the email sent to the customer

To integrate QLM with Magento, follow the steps below:

- Install the Quick License Manage Extension
- Go to System Configuration
- Locate the QLM panel on the left hand side
- Go to the QLM / General section
- Set the License Server Url to the URL of your QLM License Server. Example: http://quicklicensemanager.com/qlmdemov9/qlmservice.asmx
- Click Save Config

Next, you need to configure your product as follows:

- Go to Catalog / Manage Products
- Add a new product of type Downloadable.
- In the General section, locate the QLM Settings property
- Set the value as follows (replace the values to match your product): &is_productid=1&is_majorversion=1&is_minorversion=0&is_licensemodel=permanent&is_features=0:3
- Click Save

Now place an order for your product and verify that:
- Customer information entered in Magento was published to the QLM License Server
- A license key was generated in the QLM License Server
- A license key is associated to the order in Magento
- A license key was included in the email sent to the customer

Releases (2)

Date Version Notes
2017-07-14 1.0.2

Bug fix: Do not display License Key information if the product does not have the QLM Settings attribute set.

2017-02-19 1.0.1

First Release.