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jensstrand (Razuna)

Now you can connect Razuna's popular digital asset management platform directly with Magento and serve product images directly from Razuna.

You can sign up for Razuna on www.razuna.com. We offer a SaaS solution or you can download the open source version and use directly.

The Razuna Magento extenstion works on all Razuna instances, cloud based, enterprise or open source.

You connect Magento to Razuna directly in the configuration. Products are connected to images directly in Razuna, by adding the SKU as a label to the image.

You can decide in Razuna which images to use in the categories or as main images in the products.

The extension works out-of-the box with default themes. If you have custom themes, you need to manually edit:

The plugin is free.

See how it works on: http://magento.razuna.dk/razuna-magento-manual

Releases (1)

Date Version Notes
2014-09-03 1.0.9

Added support for checkout and Related Products, Cross Sells, Upsells, Recently Viewed Products Block, Compare Products Block