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The Recolize Recommendation Engine is a recommendation service for shops of every size. You can integrate our extension in minutes and immediately start with personalized recommendations in your shop. No matter what size it is.

Releases (6)

Date Version Notes
2017-06-30 2.1.2

- Product image urls are now exported store view specific

2016-02-22 2.1.1

- Optimized caching behaviour for e.g. compatibility with Varnish

2016-02-03 2.1.0

- Special prices get exported instead of standard prices if available
- Added a new add to wishlist action
- Enabled customer context filters
- The export now recognizes the tax display settings to export the correct prices also for e.g. B2B stores
- Improved cache handling for the FPC of Magento Enterprise

2015-08-31 2.0.2

- Enabled the current category filter, which now can be used in the Recolize Tool
- The product feed profile names are now unique in a multistore setup with same store names
- The feed data is not aggregated anymore in a multistore setup
- Optimized the Recolize parameters JavaScript parts to avoid conflicts with other extensions in a merged JS setup

2015-08-06 2.0.1

- Shortened the extension file paths to work correctly with the Magento Downloader file path length limit of 100 characters.
- The Recolize product feeds now get generated during the extension installation.

2015-07-27 2.0.0

Start of the Recolize Recommendation Engine as SaaS.