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rejoiner (Mike)

Turn abandoned carts into 15% more sales with Rejoiner.

Releases (30)

Date Version Notes
2017-08-09 1.2.4

Pass "new customers" to Rejoiner

2016-11-03 1.2.3

Passing product categories as array

2016-09-22 1.2.2

Passing customer first name only to the Rejoiner service

2016-09-22 1.2.1

Passing customer name to the Rejoiner service

2016-09-21 1.2.0

Migrated to updated JS lib v4

2016-08-19 1.1.23

Improved compatibility with Varnish cache

2016-03-29 1.1.22

Added 'category' to setCartItem API call

2016-03-22 1.1.21

Added compatibility with MindMagnet PrimeCheckout

2016-01-25 1.1.20

Added ability to append coupon code to cart regeneration link

2016-01-19 1.1.19

Added option to track item prices with and without taxes

2016-01-06 1.1.18

were renamed a few fields in the Admin Panel

2015-12-04 1.1.17

was deleted unused functionality

2015-10-13 1.1.16

Added automatic application of a coupon via query string parameter.
Added automatic addition of cart item to cart via query string parameter.

2015-08-05 1.1.15

Escaped single and double quotes in setCurrentItem parameters

2015-07-10 1.1.14

Added compatibility with AheadWorks One Step Checkout 1.3.1 extension

2015-06-09 1.1.13

Added ability to use different settings for different store views

2015-04-06 1.1.12

Added compatibility with IWD Onepage Checkout v. 4.0.6 extension

2014-11-28 1.1.11

Added compatibility with IWD Onepage Checkout v. 2.1.9 extension.

2014-10-20 1.1.10

Added compatibility with IWD One Step Checkout extension.

2014-10-01 1.1.9

Issue with resizing product thumbnails was fixed.

2014-09-24 1.1.8

Feature of Google Analytics campaign tracking by "return URL" was addedd.
Feature of "Remove Cart Item" event tracking was added.

2014-08-18 1.1.7

Issue caused by "Simple Configurable Products" extension was fixed.

2014-07-28 1.1.6

Fixed bug that caused exception when adding product to cart with not available quantity.

2014-07-21 1.1.5

Automated Webhook conversion tracking was added to extend the standard tracking functionality

2014-07-16 1.1.4

Improved functionality that fetches product images and placeholders.

2014-04-15 1.1.3

Added compatibility for "One Page Checkout for Magento - Fire Checkout" extension.

2014-03-25 1.1.2

Compatibility with "AITOC One-Page Checkout Booster" extension was added.

2014-02-26 1.1.1

Functionality improvements for multiple stores support.

2014-02-20 1.1.0

Added functionality to generate discount coupon code for abandoned transactions.

2014-02-12 1.0.9

Added functionality to generate discount coupon code for abandoned transactions.