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Revenue Conduit for HubSpot or Infusionsoft

Revenue Conduit integrates Magento with HubSpot or Infusionsoft . Revenue Conduit includes the infrastructure you need to implement and get value out of your marketing platform, fast. When you sign up for a free trial, we'll automatically add 12 Workflows and 13+ Smart Lists to your HubSpot app. For Infusionsoft we will add 6 campaigns, custom fields, Tags, saved searches and dashboard widgets. The workflows in HubSpot and campaigns in Infusionsoft will allow you to automatically welcome new customers, re-engage existing customers who haven't bought in a while and take many other actions that will help you attract, convert and retain customers resulting in revenue growth. We'll even move all your historical data from your shopping cart into your marketing platform for free.

Sign up for a 14 day FREE Trial and see what Revenue Conduit can do for you. Then benefit from a low monthly cost starting at $49.95 with no up-front fees or long-term commitments.

Visit our website to learn more about Revenue Conduit and why signing up for HubSpot or Infusionsoft through us is in your best interest. We have worked with hundreds of online retailers and know how to help you implement your marketing platform to quickly earn an ROI.

Feature-Packed and Full of Benefits

Grow your Magento store, Automatically

Benefit from a complete marketing system when you connect your Magento store to HubSpot or Infusionsoft through Revenue Conduit.

Deep Data Sync

Revenue Conduit offers the deepest integration available. We sync data to 100+ custom properties in HubSpot, enabling you to properly segment your customers and automate customer lifecycle marketing. Here’s a sample of some of the fields we sync:

Total Value of Orders

Total Number of Orders

Date of Last Order

Average Days Between Orders

All Products Bought

Last Products Bought

All Categories Bought

Last Categories Bought

And many more…

Incase of infusionsoft, since there is a limitation on the number of custom fields we can create, we sync all the important properties which yeild the maximum actionable data.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Marketing

Automatically recover abandoned shopping carts through a powerful, customizable workflows or campaigns. Check your data - it’s likely that upwards of 70% of your carts are abandoned. Now, with Revenue Conduit, you can automatically recover more lost carts to grow your top and bottom line. Include your product pictures, cart items and details in the email. Configure the workflow to provide a coupon code every time your customer abandons a cart, or protect yourself from your customers gaming the system and only deliver a coupon code every other or every third time.

Dynamic Coupon Code Generation

Automatically create single-use and expiring coupon codes on the fly and send them to a lead or customer.

Product Browse Abandonment and Visitor Behavior Segmentation

Revenue Conduit syncs HubSpot’s website behavior tracking data on all your customers and Marketing Qualified Leads, making it easy to segment and automate based on the products, categories and pages your leads and customers have viewed.

This feature is not available in Infusinosoft yet

Detailed Product and Category Purchase History

Easily segment based on products and categories purchased using Smart Lists in HubSpot which can be accessible in any workflow.

Infusionsoft uses Tags to segment customers based on what they bought, what they are interested in and how engaged they are. With Revenue Conduit, you can associate any number of Tags to any of your products and product categories, allowing you to easily segment your customers based on their buying behaviors and interests. Why would you want to do this? Think automatic upsell and cross-sell campaigns.

RFM Segmentation

Your customers are not created equal. Some are worth a lot, and some are likely worth very little. Once your historical data is in Infusionsoft or HubSpot easily segment your customers based on the last time they bought, how many times they bought and how much they have spent over their lifetime.

Order Automation

Automate HubSpot workflows around the status of an order.

Automatically start one or more Infusionsoft campaigns when a customer places an order.

Support for Multiple Stores

Do you sell on more than one Magento storefront? Do you want to connect each store to a single HubSpot or Infusionsoft? We can help. Each store will need its own Revenue Conduit app, and you will be able to segment based each individual store within your marketing platform.

Workflow ROI Tracking

See how much revenue your workflows and campaigns generate and track your return on investment.

Customer Group Sync

Revenue Conduit syncs your customer group to HubSpot or Infusionsoft, allowing you to have specific follow up for Retail, Wholesale, and any other customized Magento customer groups in your business.

Referral Partner Integration

Infusionsoft includes a powerful referral partner system that allows you to

build and manage a referral partner program that compensates your partners

for sales they help you generate. Revenue Conduit makes it possible for you

to sell on your Magento store and track sales and commissions in


This feature is not available in HubSpot.

Newsletter Subscription Sync

Add customer to designated workflows and workflows when a customer opts into marketing.

Add customer to designated campaigns using a tag we apply when a customer opts into marketing.

Field to Field Sync

Need more than our default properties? Sync virtually any native Magento field into a field in HubSpot or Infusionsoft.

More Features Added Every Few Weeks

We’re constantly innovating and listening to our customers for feature suggestions. Have an idea? Let us know at and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Interested in a demo?

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Releases (4)

Date Version Notes
2017-04-27 2.0.14

Improvements in abandoned cart feature for fire checkout, single page checkout and integration of multiple store fronts into the same marketing Infusionsoft or HubSpot account.

2017-03-24 2.0.13

Improvements in abandoned cart feature for fire checkout, single page checkout and integration of multiple store fronts into the same marketing Infusionsoft or HubSpot account.

2017-03-24 2.0.12

This extension supports abandoned cart feature for fire checkout, single page checkout and integration of multiple store fronts into the same marketing Infusionsoft or HubSpot account.

2017-03-21 2.0.11

Now also supports single step checkouts, multiple store fronts