Magento Extension
Download latest - 0.2.0

Display product price as FREE when product price is $0.00 on frontend. Enable or Disable extension as per requirement.

Installation steps:
- Its very easy to install, just copy app/ folder and paste on your magento root folder.
- You are done with installation.
- Login into store backend, flush all cache or disable all cache in System -> Cache Management.
- Logout and login again from Backend to reload.
- The extension should be installed and you can use it.

Supported Magento versions
Magento CE version 1.5.x
Magento CE version 1.6.x
Magento CE version 1.7.x
Magento CE version 1.8.x
Magento CE version 1.9.x

Releases (4)

Date Version Notes
2015-05-20 0.2.0


2015-01-03 0.1.2


2015-01-03 0.1.1

compatible with 1.5 and greater version..

2015-01-01 0.1.0