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Every second, malicious hackers from around the world try to take over company services like online stores and steal confidential data. If you have employees accessing your store, you are at risk. Implementing a password policy is not enough. Passwords will be too easy, get stolen, written down and reused all over the Internet. When you have no control over your employee's passwords, then you have no control over who really accesses your resources.

Regain control over your company and online store by implementing Rublon, the best two-factor authentication platform for web-based businesses.

How Does Rublon Work?
During the first login, confirm your identity by clicking on the link you’ll receive via email. Your next login from the same device will only require your Magento password. For additional security, the Rublon mobile app scans a Rublon Code to confirm your identity.

Releases (3)

Date Version Notes
2015-11-05 2.0.2

Changed Magento Core version dependency.

2015-11-04 2.0.1

Added version number to the etc/modules XML file.

2015-10-28 2.0.0

Instant account security with effortless, email-based two-factor authentication. No tokens.