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safalweb (SafalWeb)

Safal Catalog Preview is an extension to enlarge product image preview to customers on your store. It's fully customizable from admin.

Safal Catalog Preview

1. 100% free to use and easy to install via Magento Connect.
2. Requires no changes in magento core files.
3. Developed using Prototype. So No Jquery Confict on your store.
4. Preview popup window automatically set according to screen view port.
5. Custom Set preview popup styling.
6. Custom Set product name size, style and position on preview box.
7. Ability to allow preview on selected or every categories.
8. Allows you to upload your custom loader image from admin.
9. Use Prototype lib instead of jQuery to avoid javascript conflicts and errors.


Releases (3)

Date Version Notes
2014-05-26 1.0.3

Fix issues on catalogsearch result page.

2014-05-23 1.0.2

Fix issues on admin ACL permissions.

2014-05-18 1.0.1

Stable Release of Safal Catalog Preview.