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Krishna (Krishna)

Services API. It allows Merchants to send their inventory and inventory updates. Merchants can assign a global pricing rule to the full/selected Inventory or at a individual SKU level. Orders from Flubit Channels are automatically retrieved from Flubit into Merchant's Magento Sysem. And upon fulfilment and shipment order update status are sent to Flubit.

All controlled by configurable cron jobs or Scheduled Tasks

Releases (7)

Date Version Notes
2016-06-15 0.3.6

fix admin routing for security patches

2016-06-09 0.3.5

fix admin routing for security patches

2016-05-05 0.3.4

minor fixes for backwards compatability
fixes grid joins
tweak in cron indexing to ensure out of stock items are removed

2016-04-07 0.3.3


2015-05-21 0.3.2

1. compatible with Magmi and other applications where products are directly imported to Magento product tables;
2. added a function to reindex products that have been directly added to the tables

2014-10-08 0.3.0

This release addresses

Price lookup change.
Label change to address the same.

2014-09-03 0.2.8

- This initial release allows merchants to connect to the Flubit demand driven channels.

Functionalities include:

1 - Push Products to Flubit.
2 - Globally control inventory and prices.
3 - Assign a Flubit Base Price.
4 - As real time as possible inventory updates subject to Cron / Scheduled Tasks running
5 - As real time as possible Order Management and order status updates subject to Cron/ Scheduled Tasks running.