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The Sitewards B2B Extension extends your webshop with some essential functions to realize a business-to-business store. Product prices and add-to-cart functions are only available for registered customer accounts that were approved by the site administrator. All other product details remain visible for non-registered users.

Features of the B2BProfessional Extension:
· Customers can register, but have to be approved to see product prices and to order products
· Prices of all product types and options are only visible for approved customers
· Consequently, the Shopping Cart and Checkout are only available for approved customers
· Multi-store: The extension can be activated for each store/view separately
· Create both, B2B and B2C stores in one Magento installation
· Optional info message (e.g. ”Please login to see price ”) in place of price
· Multilanguage support (German and English installed, extendible to other languages)
· Activation for specific product categories
· Activation for specific customer groups
· Optional require login to access store

Releases (22)

Date Version Notes
2014-12-22 3.0.5

Updated documentation, added customer-activation as internal dependency

2014-12-15 3.0.4

Updated availability information and add-to-cart functionality

2014-08-27 3.0.2

Fix compatibility issues with Firegento MageSetup. Issue was with displaying of prices of bundle products when not logged in.

2014-08-22 3.0.1

Fix an issue with simple products shown as "Out of stock" on product listings but showing "In Stock" on the product details page.

2014-08-15 3.0.0

Updated the extension to improve code quality and extension speed.

2014-05-15 2.5.2

Update to work with Magento 1.9

2014-02-17 2.5.1

Fixed create, delete, edit widgets issue.
Fixed issue with multiple stores having different b2b settings.

2013-10-24 2.5.0

Implemented "set order date" on checkout. With this the date of the order can be set by the customer.
Implemented possibility to create bulk orders using a list of SKUs. The optioin is added to the "My Account" section of the shop frontend.
Now xmlrpc api is working when extension is enabled.

2013-08-14 2.2.5

Added check for multiple initializations of core block.

2013-07-05 2.2.4

Fixed installing problem with compilation mod enabled.
Now Language settings, Activate by category, Activate by customer group settings are hidden if they are not enabled.
Now extension requires minimum php version 5.3.

2013-06-21 2.2.3

Changed dependency from version 0.4.6 to maximum version of Netzarbeiter_CustomerActivation extension.

2013-06-13 2.2.2

Add documentation and fix a bug with PHP 5.2

2013-04-26 2.1.4

Update the dependency with Netzarbeiter_CustomerActivation

2013-04-19 2.1.3

Add ability to configure the removal of cart information via the system config section.

2013-03-22 2.1.2

Remove the price range from search pages when customer is not active.

2013-03-20 2.1.1

Fix compatibility issues with Simple Configurable Product and other extension.

2013-03-19 2.1.0

Create an option that will stop users who are not logged in accessing pages.

Create an option that will redirect user to a specified CMS page or the customer login/register page when not logged in.

2013-03-14 2.0.3

Fix issue where user created via the admin section would not show prices.

2013-03-13 2.0.2

Deactivated price difference on configurable dropdown.

2013-01-16 2.0.1

Re-factored code base.
Fixed minor bugs with category and customer group implementation.

2013-01-16 2.0.0

Re-factored code base.
Fixed minor bugs with category and customer group implementation.

2011-02-08 1.0.5

Updates for Magento 1.4.2
Added support for simple product custom options