Magento Extension
Download latest - 1.0.2


You can adjust following behaviour:
* Define products as giveaways
* Change allowed amount of giveaway products per cart
* Decide if the customer should be forwarded to giveaway overview page after adding a product to the cart

Installation instruction

1. Install and activate the extension
2. Edit products you want to be available as giveaways. Price of these products should be 0, but can be higher if required
3. Change the giveaway-attribute of these products to "yes"
4. If needed, adjust the allowed amount of giveaway products per cart in the configuration section

Releases (3)

Date Version Notes
2013-10-29 1.0.2

Fixed problems with adding products to shopping cart.
Now extension requires php 5.3 and later.

2013-02-07 1.0.1

Fixed block names for *nix systems

2013-02-06 1.0.0

First release