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SoClevers provides social login tools to help increase conversions, basket values and lower cart abandonment. Our Plugin works with all the major social networks like Facebook, Google+ LinkedIn, PayPal, Yahoo! & Instagram. Our JavaScript is asynchronous ensuring fast load time, and it’s also dynamic so you can A-B test from our dashboard without needing to re-code.
Our button icons are 100% Customizable, size, shape and position. Select our buttons or load your own designs.
PS: You'll need a SoClever API to use it. API Keys are free; paid subscriptions are available for advanced reporting, analytics and demographic data. Al new customers get access to our reporting dashboard for 30 days. Free to try, no contracts or credit card required. Download now.
Thank you for choosing our plugin, feel free to leave a review or contact us for any feedback. If you want to know more about the features we offer, keep reading below.

Social Login

Increase conversion and registration rates by eliminating registration forms and let your customer / visitors sign-up in few seconds using trusted IDs like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, and more. Increase your sign-up rates and start building a loyal customer list today.
Track Revenue
Have an e-commerce site? Track revenue per social user, download customer segments to personalise your marketing messages.
Top Facebook likes
Download our reports on top Facebook Liked pages of your customers/visitors, filter to add top revenue customers and their top likes. Quick CSV upload of this data to Facebook, you can create a new and more targeted advertising campaigns.
User Profile Data & Social Analytics
Build a rich profile of your customers with our unique reporting dashboard. Get access to full name, email address, DOB, gender, relationship status, home town, place of birth, like, interests and much more with SoClever’s social login.
Birthday Reports
Send personalised message to your visitors by using our birthday reports.
Dynamic JavaScript
Our asynchronous javascript loads faster without interfearing with the display or behaviour of the page. Dynamic JavaScript makes it easy to choose/sort social netork buttons for display.

Releases (13)

Date Version Notes
2015-11-18 1.4.0

Ability to add custom images/icons for social networks

2015-06-30 1.3.1

Ability to add custom images/icons for social networks

2015-06-30 1.3.0

Ability to add custom images/icons for social networks

2015-06-30 1.2.2

Ability to add custom images/icons

2015-06-11 1.2.1

Added Twitter Login Pop up

2015-04-14 1.2.0

Stable Version 1.2.0

2015-03-13 1.1.1

Stable Version 1.1.1 - Option to send welcome email

2015-02-27 1.1.0

Stable Version 1.1.0 - UX and UI Improvement

2015-01-24 1.0.5

Stable Version 1.0.5 - Speed Improvement

2015-01-24 1.0.4

Stable Version 1.0.4 - Speed Improvement

2015-01-24 1.0.3

Stable Version 1.0.3 - included Buttons on Checkout, improved landing page after login.

2015-01-13 1.0.2

Stable Version 1.0.2 - Minor Bug Fix

2015-01-12 1.0.1

Version 1.0.1