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This extension automatically cancels unpaid orders.

The admin can chose, for enery payment method, a leadtime prior to cancelling the order. Ie : 15 min for Credit Card and 7 days for check.

It is also possible to filter which order statuses will be automatically canceld.

A grid listing all automatically canceled orders with their cancelation dates is added to the backend.

Stock management follows Magento workflow.

Releases (4)

Date Version Notes
2012-11-28 1.0.3

Made extension available on Magento Connect 1.0

2012-11-28 1.0.2

- Fixed tinyint bug
- Removed Soon_All dependancy

2012-04-10 1.0.1

Fixed bug : table prefix is not prepended on table creation

2011-12-07 1.0.0

First stable release.