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LiveHelp® is the customer care service in which the company operator answers to customers' and prospects' questions directly in a real-time chat.

Releases (12)

Date Version Notes
2017-07-04 1.6.3

- Added Magento v compatibility
- Minor fixes

2016-08-02 1.6.2

Choose the widget that will pop up on each type of your e-commerce pages:
- All: the chat widget will pop up on every page of the website
- Categories: the chat widget will pop up in the category listing (i.e. apparel, shoes, accessories…)
- Product: the chat widget will pop up on each product page
- Funnel: the chat widget will pop up in the cart and checkout pages
- Others: all the pages that aren't products,categories or funnel (like profile, wishlist)

2016-05-31 1.6.1

Minor bug fix.

2016-05-30 1.6.0

added server cache support

2015-12-21 1.5.5

- orders tracking to measure your ROI
- real time user's cart

2015-12-02 1.5.0

Security patches support Added. New plugin configuration with dynamic js button.

2014-09-05 1.0.5

Added english button

2014-09-05 1.0.4

Minor bug fix, added compatibility for CE 9

2014-04-07 1.0.3

Added installation guide.

2014-03-24 1.0.2

Translation improvement

2014-03-24 1.0.1

first release

2014-03-24 1.0.0

first release