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Allow administrators to setup a master user and password for the entire frontend.
How this works?
First you need to specify an user and password in the extension system configuration. After you enable the extension all the frontend URL's will be blocked by a login form.
The form will validate the user / password and the it will create a session to allow the user to navigate the frontend.
How this extension will help me?
Let's say for example that your store is been developed and you don't want that real customers or your competition see the store until it's finished.
With this extension you will be able to block the frontend for everyone that doesn't have the master user and password.
How to use it in simple steps:

Go to System / Configuration / Strategery Extensions / Deny
Enable the extension
Configure your master user and password

Supported versions
Magento 1.7 to 1.9.x.
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Releases (3)

Date Version Notes
2015-05-21 0.1.2

Master user and password for frontend.

2015-05-20 0.1.1

Master user and password for frontend.

2015-05-12 0.1.0

Master user and password for frontend.