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Make your Magento store fly - with transparently integrated Varnish Cache! Blazing fast response times and lower server load during peak times making your Magento store 100x faster.
The PageCache module allows you to control your Varnish Cache instance from the Magento backend to trigger purge requests for single stores or content types. It also prevents caching of store pages containing customer information like shopping carts or logins.
No more worries about huge marketing campaigns or maniac crawlers: Varnish Cache will mitigate any peaks so your Magento store can care about the buyers and transactions!
The PageCache module has been architectural certified by Varnish Software to ensure highest quality and reliability for Magento stores.
- Allows full page caching of Magento store frontends with Varnish- Prevent caching of pages containing custom information (shopping carts, logins)- Configure request paths (controller, action) to be excluded from caching- Clean caches for single store views or content types- Maintain several Varnish instances from the Magento backend- Set TTL for content pages per store view- Deactivate Varnish cache for single store views or websites- Easily deactivate caching for certain Magento modules- Enable debug mode to analyse any issues- Ready to go Varnish configuration file (VCL)

Releases (9)

Date Version Notes
2014-10-10 4.2.1

- fixed issue post requests and form keys

2014-10-09 4.2.0

- fixed issue with form key in Magento CE > 1.8

2013-07-05 4.0.5

- fixed issue with caching of store switching requests
- fixed compatibility issue with older magento versions

2013-06-21 4.0.3

- fixed caching issues in multi-store environments
- fixed Magento EE FPC caching issue

2013-04-22 4.0.0

- added store and currency switch support
- added advanced message handling
- added Varnish ESI support for basic blocks (sidebar/mini cart, top links, welcome message, last viewed and compared products)
- raised Magento version requirements to CE 1.5.1 and EE 1.9
- dropped support for Varnish 2.x
- moved configuration in separate tab
- small bugfixes

2012-04-03 3.1.2

- Fixed packaging issue with wrong locale

2012-03-28 3.1.1

- Added "Quick Purge" to clean Varnish Cache for a certain URL pattern
- Show VCL snippet for design exception after saving
- Added separate admin backend in VCL with longer timeout values
- Normalize URL in case of leading HTTP scheme and domain in VCL
- Fixed issues where redirects are cached by mistake

2011-11-16 3.0.1

- fixed packaging failure with wrong locale

2011-11-14 3.0.0

- Changed license to OSL for Community Edition
- Instantly purge cache items of CMS pages, categories and products on save
- Configure different TTLs per route/controller
- Use "Cache-Control:s-maxage=x" instead of propriatary headers to control Varnish
- Improved Magento EE compatibility
- Allow frontend Varnish caching while beeing logged in the backend
- Added design exceptions (beta)