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"A picture is worth a thousand words"
This old statement explains perfectly the goal for this extension. A pictogram can be defined as a “self explanatory enough” icon, when you see it you should know its meaning instantly
Install this extension totally FREE to strongly beautify your catalog and improve customer experience. Well chosen icons will help customers to identify products kindly faster, increasing your sales ratings
List of features
Admin have full control over Pictograms: you can add, edit or delete items
Pictograms can be easily reordered at any time
Pictograms can have up to 2 associated images: standard images are used for product view pages, while small images are used for product listing pages (optional)
The extension’s functionality code is 100% Open Source

Releases (8)

Date Version Notes
2012-07-23 2.1.5

Bug fixes

2012-02-29 2.1.4

PHP max version fix

2012-01-24 2.1.3

Added Uninstall support

2011-12-29 2.1.2

Stable version, compatible with Magento 1.6

2011-12-28 2.1.1

Stable version, compatible with Magento 1.6

2011-11-09 2.0.2


2011-11-09 2.0.1

Stable - First version

2011-11-09 2.0.0

Stable - First version