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Add web-to-print and image personalization to your merchandize.
Add design personalization to your products if you sell items such as cards,
invitations, t-shirts, business cards, posters, banners,
anything else where users may need to change text and upload their own photos
in design templates.

This extension uses ZetaPrints API to generate preview images and PDF files.

Demo site: http://www.zetaprints.com/magento/
Help and manuals: http://www.zetaprints.com/help/category/magento/
Source code: http://code.google.com/p/magento-w2p/

Technical support: admin@zetaprints.com
Extension developed by http://www.zetaprints.com/

Releases (13)

Date Version Notes

* Update admin URLs in preparation to SUPEE-6788 security patch


* Add support for RWD-based themes
* Other small bug fixes and improvements


* Fix regression which made assigning web-to-print template to product in product editor broken

NOTE: this release doesn't support new RWD theme out of the box


* Synchronise with Magento
* Remove support for Magento releases older than 1.6
* Improvements in 2-step theme
* Other small bug fixes and improvements

NOTE: this release doesn't support new RWD theme out of the box


* Synchronise with Magento and versions
* Add support for quantities in ZetaPrints templates
* Add support for colour palettes in ZetaPrints templates
* Add support for storing w2p product (previews and user input) in wishlist (issue #823)
* Allow to use dummy store for category name mapping
* Add parameter to enable assigning of created product to parent categories in profile for product creation
* Add an option to select websites for assiging of newly created products
* Re-assigned product to category on update
* Show warning when user changed data in fields but has not updated previews yet
* Other small bug fixes and improvements


* Fix several bugs in Dataset feature (issue #820)
* Fix error with pre-filled w2p fields on product page (issue #821)


* Fix error in getting link of preview image for sharing
* Fix removing Magento's zoomer on personalisation step in 2-step theme
* Fix reordering functionality (issue #815)
* Update jQuery to 1.8.3 and jQuery UI to 1.8.24
* Update JS code to work correctly with jQuery 1.8
* Other small bug fixes and improvements


* Fix error when image was selected in every field after uploading it.


* Fix the case when API code doesn't send data to the Zetaprints


* Restore removed user on ZetaPrints side (issue #804)


* Add support for Magento 1.7
* Add Dutch translation (issue #788)
* Display preview images in order's notification emails (issue #798)
* Do not ignore empty lines in drop-down text fields(issue #795)
* Better handling of template's previews (issue #797)
* Other bug fixes and improvements (issue #772, issue #794, issue 797, issue #749)


* Add default ZetaPrints account settings ( issue #770 )
* Bug fixes and improvements ( issue #773 , issue #774 and issue #776 )


* Re-implement data sets (issue #737)
* Add option to ignore unpaid orders (issue #738)
* Add support for PayPal? Express Checkout (issue #744)
* Add link to finalise order on ZP in admin interface (issue #739)
* Implement new form buttons (issue #652)
* Implement fallback scenario to preserver user's input (issue #539)
* Complete ZP order on Processing status ( issue #750 )
* Bug fixes ( issue #725 )