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This module provides a Magento payment method for the WorldNet TPS payment system. It implements payments through the WorldNet TPS Hosted Payment Page (HPP).

To learn more about the WorldNet TPS Hosted Payment Page, please visit

Releases (1)

Date Version Notes
2009-08-05 1.2.0

This module will overwrite your system.xml file.

Once you have added this you will need to go to the admin section of your Magento installation:

Magento Admin -> System -> Configuration
Click on "Payment Methods" (on the left)
You should then see "WorldNet TPS (via Payment Page)" appear as a payment method (if not see below). Click on this and select Enabled = "Yes".
Enter the test Currency, Terminal ID and your "Shared Secret". (These details were supplied by WorldNet TPS.)
Change the "New order status" to "Awaiting payment via WorldNet TPS".
Click "Apply" in the top right corner.

N.B. If the module does not appear on the "Payment Methods" page you may have to clear Magento's cache.
To do this go to System -> Cache Management, Change "No Change" to "Refresh" and then save the cache settings.

You must then setup the Receipt page URL in the WorldNet TPS Selfcare system. This should be set to: