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The Link Market's WWJW (Link Directory Management Service) plugin will manage all the links that have been traded through WWJW website.

1.You can login at api.wwjw.com to set the application of exchange links and exclude links that you don't want through PageRank.
Besides,you can delete them one by one.

2. Website of your company will be shown in more than 100000 websites, which promotes the SEO and page ranking.
It can also bring plenty of visitors for you.

3.Broken Links will be automaticly removed from your directory

4.The links will be added in the correct category as they are on WWJW site

5.You will not have more then 12 links per page

6.No more FTP will be uploaded to your server.

7.Once you agree to trade links,the link will be placed on your site

8.If link exchange does not happen or your link has been removed,we will remove the link from your directory

9.If someone wants to trade links with you but he is not a WWJW user,we will give him an option to sign up.He will get automatic link exchange with us if his settings for link exchange are the same with ours.

10.Customize your directory using Cascading Style Sheets (css)

Releases (6)

Date Version Notes
2013-03-07 2.1.4

fixed some bugs

2013-03-05 2.1.3

fixed some bugs

2013-03-05 2.1.2

fixed some bugs

2013-03-03 2.1.1

fixed some bugs

2013-03-03 2.1.0

fixed some bugs

2012-11-01 2.0.0

1. Let your Web site also shows more than 100,000 on multiple sites´╝îImprove your website SEO ranking´╝îBring to your site per day over more than 1000 unique visitors

2.The links will be added in the correct category as they are on WWJW site

3.You will not have more than 20 links per page

4. No more FTP uploads to your server