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Aitoc_Aitvbulletin This extension provides basic integration of Magento and vBulletin. Let your customers create useful content about your products and drive you more business. 2009-11-12 2009-12-11
Ajax_Addtocart Magento ajax cart with Wishlist extension 2012-07-11 2014-05-16
Ajax_Editable_Category_Product Ajax Editable Category Product allows you to quick update products from category section. 2014-12-03 2014-12-09
Ajax_newsletter_extension Ajax newsletter help you to submit the magneto newsletter without refersh the page.. 2014-04-28 2014-04-28
Alanstormdotcom_Staticroute A simple example of use a custom Router to serve up static files for your module. 2010-09-28 2010-09-28
Alice_Popup This extension helps you to increase sales and customers for your site. 2016-04-12 2016-04-12
All-In-One_Facebook_Widgets All-In-One Facebook Widgets Integration 2011-06-21 2011-06-23
All-Product-Reviews All Product Reviews magento extension helps to create Reviews Dashboard for all the products. 2015-08-11 2015-08-11
All_Reviews All Reviews allows you to display all reviews of your products on a single CMS page. Customers searching Google, Bing, Yahoo for "YOUR STORE Reviews" will be able to find a page controlled by you with recent reviews of your products. 2012-12-15 2012-12-19
All_in_One_Shipping All in One Shipping Extension helps you to make different shipping method calculation and configuration easily. 2015-01-27 2015-02-04