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Allopass_Hipay Official HiPay Fullservice payment extension. 2014-04-03 2017-07-31
Alphabetic_Categories_By_Synotive Alphabetic Categories provides the functionality to show alphabetic wise categories with filter option. 2015-01-28 2015-02-25
AltaPay_for_Magento1 Plugin that integrates Magento to the AltaPay payment gateway. 2016-09-01 2017-06-26
AlternativePaymentsInc_AlternativePayments The number of different payment options worldwide can be confusing and just keeping track of all of them can be tedious work. Alternative Payments provide merchants with simple and easy to use solutions taking the complexity out of the process. 2013-01-30 2014-01-29
Altima_BetterCreditCardForm Better credit card form extension for Magento eCommerce - more user friendly way to enter credit card information on checkout. 2015-04-23 2015-04-23
Altima_Payboard This is official Payboard extension for Magento eCommerce that makes installation of Payboard to Magento store a breeze. 2015-01-26 2015-01-26
Altima_lookbook_free Create interactive gallery - photos of your goods in environment with hotspots linked to product pages 2012-05-06 2016-05-12
Amar_Address Add new address attribute in named Govt ID# in address in admin, customer registration form, customer edit address and checkout pages. 2012-07-02 2012-07-10
Amar_Profile This Extension helps to create the customer attribute and provides the backend control to create and manage and create attribute will be used in customer general information. 2012-07-04 2014-05-30
Amasty_Fbreview Get user-generated content on your Facebook pages. Gain more credibility and attract more customers. Amasty 2012-03-29 2012-03-29