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ajax_out_of_stock_notification This extension allows both customers and guest to sign up for alerts once out of stock products are available. 2017-01-05 2017-06-08
Mage_Exactor_Tax Calculate, file, and remit sales taxes seamlessly through Magento using the Exactor Sales Tax Compliance Service. 2010-09-26 2017-06-07
locale_sl_si Slovenian Translations 2016-02-15 2017-06-06
LiteSpeed_LiteMage LiteMage Cache speeds up Magento by automatically integrating Magento with LiteSpeed's superior ESI implementation. 2015-06-29 2017-06-06
HeidelpayCDEdition Heidelpay CD-Edition Payment Plugin 2015-03-03 2017-06-06
Retargeting_Tracker Retargeting and Marketing Automation. Personalized email content + Personalized live messages + SMS triggers to deliver to your customers the products they want to buy. 2015-04-08 2017-06-02
login_and_pay_for_magento Let millions of Amazon customers login and pay on your site with information stored in their Amazon account. 2014-08-26 2017-06-01
web4pro_Abandonedcart Extension allow to send emails to customers, who abandon their cart 2015-03-13 2017-06-01
Wigzo_AutoCode Wigzo Push is a plugin that allows you to Send and Track Web Push Notification through your Magento Store. It allows you to take Browser Opt in from people visiting your store and then Send and Track browser notifications to bring people back to your store, even when they are not browsing the site. It allows your store to re-engage your most loyal customers with targeted push notifications 2016-10-12 2017-06-01
BluePay_CreditCard Credit Card payment module for the BluePay gateway. 2013-10-25 2017-05-31