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Name ▲ Summary First release Latest release
Asperience_Notificationmanager This module notifies admin users from ASPerience modules news 2014-11-25 2014-12-04
Asperience_Printorderline Module allowing to print order lines in the back office. 2010-01-15 2014-01-24
Asperience_Productextend Module allowing to send product alerts in internal and to historize promotions. 2010-01-22 2012-09-26
Asulpunto_Unicentaopos A basic integration for Magento with the popular Unicenta OPOS the open source, touch screen POS. 2013-09-11 2015-01-19
AtenSoftware_ProductExport Aten Software Product Export for Data Feeds 2014-03-13 2015-01-02
Atol_Productfeedgenerator Create custom product collections and display them through a widget or create a rss feed. 2016-03-10 2017-03-15
Atosho product and order integration 2012-05-16 2013-10-10
Atwix_Recentlyviewed Atwix Recently Viewed Items Bar 2011-01-27 2011-03-15
Atwix_Western_Union_Payment_Module Atwix Western Union Payment Module 2011-04-27 2011-05-03
AuIt_FLASH_GALLERY_FLIP Flash gallery, simple integration 2009-06-07 2010-04-10