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Auctane_ShipStation ShipStation is a web-based shipping solution that is integrated with the Magento API for retrieving order information and updating shipping details. 2013-02-21 2016-07-26
Auctionmaid_Matrxrate Multiple Table Rates via CSV. Filter by country, region,city, zipcode. Numeric Postcode ranges, and enhanced pattern matching supported. Ability to exclude items from free shipping, and specify collection only. 2008-12-08 2016-09-05
Auguria_Contact Auguria_Contact 2012-06-21 2012-06-28
Auguria_DebitPayment Auguria_DebitPayment 2012-06-22 2012-06-25
Auguria_Dolibarrapi This API is required to use Auguria's E-Commerce Synchronization module for Dolibarr. It have no over purpose or utility; for more information about Dolibarr and the synchronisation module, see for more informations. 2011-06-15 2012-05-30
Auguria_ProductsEnhancement Allow to create pictograms and to link them with products 2012-06-22 2012-06-22
Auguria_Sliders Display a slideshow ( on cms pages and categories. This slideshow is now responsive !!! 2012-07-04 2014-07-17
Auguria_Sponsorship Add possibility to : - Add fidelity points to the customer if customer subscribe to the newletter on registration - Add fidelity points on first order payment -Add sponso points on first godson order payment 2010-06-07 2014-06-24
Auguria_Video Manage your embed or self hosted video easily from your back-office 2012-06-21 2014-01-06
Auriga_Footertip This extension allow to show tips in the footer. 2013-09-03 2013-09-03