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Speedup_your_catalog_update_using_our_Direct_SQL_Update_extension Speedup your catalog update using our Direct SQL Update extension. 2010-08-20 2011-06-10
Supportcenter support center for magento1.4 2010-08-23 2010-08-24
Rissip_Addinfotoemail Provide more information in your email about a specific product 2010-08-23 2010-11-10
Order_approval Items can be added to cart, but cannot be checked out until a nominated approver checks the order. 2010-08-26 2013-09-10
Secuvad_Official Détection de commandes frauduleuses, garantie impayés et recouvrement d'impayés. 2010-08-27 2011-03-16
NetJam_DaisyconFeed Export products as XML productfeed 2010-08-28 2011-06-24
okpay_payments_module okpay payments module 2010-08-28 2010-08-29
wp_price_decimal Decimal price (Web-Experiment.Info) 2010-08-30 2014-01-30
Fishpigs_View_Button Add a 'View Product' button to the product edit page in the Magento Admin 2010-08-30 2011-07-31
Mage_Rush Rush Shipping extension will add extra feature to normal shipping methods. 2010-09-03 2010-09-03