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Tweakmag_Licensemanager Licensemanager for Ioncube Encoded Extensions 2011-06-03 2011-06-03
MagnetoDebug Debug / Developer Toolbar for Magento 2011-05-12 2011-06-05
Jextn_Currencyconverter Jextn CurrenyConverter Extension 2011-06-06 2011-06-07
Delete_Orders This extension helps you to absolutely delete false or bad orders. 2011-06-07 2011-06-07
Speedup_your_catalog_update_using_our_Direct_SQL_Update_extension Speedup your catalog update using our Direct SQL Update extension. 2010-08-20 2011-06-10
Custom_Layered_Navigation_Style Change style of Magento layered navigation 2011-06-14 2011-06-14
Custom_Layered_Navigation Change style of Magento layered navigation 2011-06-14 2011-06-14
Mavenstore_Customoptionproductimport The Advance Import Configurable Product module allows you to import products such as t-shirts that can be modified and optimized according to the needs and requirements of the customer. You can place control and choice in the hands of individual customers, thereby increasing sales of expensive and complex products through customization. 2011-06-14 2011-06-14
XPRIME_GoogleRemarketing add the possibility to have the google remarketing conversion code on your store. 2011-05-17 2011-06-15
Invoicera-Order-and-Invoice-Integrator Import your Magento Orders in real time into your Invoicera online billing software. 2011-05-26 2011-06-15