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BeezUP_Module_feed_and_tracker Main features : - Generate XML catalogue feed - Install BeezUP sales tracking system - Retrieve orders from Marketplaces 2013-05-28 2017-06-15
Belitsoft_Facebook_Like_Button Facebook Like Button 2014-08-13 2014-09-20
Belvg_Mailguests This free extension allows converting unregistered buyers to regular customers with the help of catalog, containing guest contact details. All information can be easily exported to CSV and Excel XML files. 2012-02-22 2012-02-22
Bemaged_Contacts This extension will allow you to add a Google Map to the Magento Contact Us page 2014-12-14 2015-04-24
Bemaged_NoFax Remove the Fax field from Magento checkout page billing and shipping address by disabling it from the Admin Panel. 2014-05-19 2015-08-26
Bertholdo_Entrega The Brt Delivery module was designed by the company Bertholdo Consulting, in order to help the administrator of the virtual store in the delivery process of their products to customers using its own means of delivery such as a motorcycle courier, car, truck and so on. 2014-06-17 2014-09-03
Bertholdo_Sync The Brt Sync module was designed by the company Bertholdo Consulting. The module has the purpose of assisting in the day to day management of virtual stores that do not have specialized for inventory management tools, enabling differentiation and control of the stock of physical and virtual store. Moreover, it is also possible to do the insert of new products via import. 2014-06-10 2014-09-03
BestSellingProducts Extension to display BEST SELLING products of your Magento website. 2016-06-14 2016-06-14
Bestseller_products This extension is display best seller product. 2010-12-22 2016-02-15
Betaout Helping Ecommerce Companies drive more sales and customer happiness. 2014-09-26 2016-03-15