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9wcVR4bIlRVxfPN0 Improve your sites’s online reputation and utilize it to drive traffic and increase conversion rates! 2016-08-18 2016-08-18
A4on_Mybrand Used to Create Brands and assign products. 2013-10-30 2013-11-01
A4s_Pricemotion Pricemotion delivers the prices of Dutch competitors right in Magento. You do not have to through all those websites of your competitors anymore. 2014-04-30 2015-07-07
ACHpayment Ach payment 2010-05-07 2010-05-07
AEMIK_TOOLS Extension for Magento 2013-10-20 2013-10-20
AGRollovertozoom this extension moduleis for generate extra zooming picture in section product details product view create gallery inline zoom inline with rollover mouse in image base you create a very pratical zoom for augmented a user experince the module use a cloud zoom plugin this extension is created by elmarrouani said from arabgento community 2011-08-19 2011-08-21
AJAX_ZOOM Responsive product detail view mousehover zoom extension with optional 360° spins or multilevel 3D 2015-09-07 2017-06-25
AK_Multiaddtocart Add Multiple Products to cart 2016-05-19 2016-05-19
AMG_SecurePay AMG_SecurePay 2016-09-13 2016-09-13
AMartinez_CustomImportExport Import/Export products/customers from/to CSV file. Create categories, add attribute options, import images and media galleries, reindex, refresh cache, media and price rules automatically. In addition you can backup the entire database in SQL format. 2011-04-26 2011-07-07