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magento_classic_theme_free Magento Classic Free Theme 2009-02-20 2016-08-25
Fooman_Speedster Speed up your store by combining, compressing and caching JS and CSS. 2009-02-14 2014-10-15
Seur Metodo de envio SEUR. 2009-02-13 2009-02-13
Beck_LiveChat A LiveChat in your Magento Store 2009-02-08 2009-08-04
Fianet_Core FIA-NET Core 2009-01-14 2015-03-30
RicoNeitzel_VertNav Vertical Navigation - drop in replacement for the horizontal top navigation. 2009-01-08 2012-10-29
TBT_Enhancedgrid Enhanced admin product grid with images, custom attributes and more. 2009-01-06 2016-09-18
Fianet_Sac FIA-NET Certissim 2008-12-22 2015-03-30
Flagbit_ChangeAttributeSet In Magento every product has a fixed attibute set. This module enables you to switch it. 2008-12-10 2011-03-14
Auctionmaid_Matrxrate Multiple Table Rates via CSV. Filter by country, region,city, zipcode. Numeric Postcode ranges, and enhanced pattern matching supported. Ability to exclude items from free shipping, and specify collection only. 2008-12-08 2016-09-05