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Manufacturer_Model_Number Manufacturer Model Number (MMN) "Select Printer" filter box for Printer Cartridges web sites 2009-08-08 2010-12-14
LUKA_GoogleAdWords This Module integrates the Google AdWords Conversion Tracking code. 2009-08-19 2014-07-21
Mxperts_NoRegion Hide State / Province in the Store-Frontend and Backend. 2009-08-23 2011-05-22
Openlabs_OpenERPConnector Magento core API extension for multi website Open ERP connector by Openlabs 2009-08-23 2015-05-16
IG_LightBox IDEALIAGroup LightBox for Magento 2009-08-25 2011-05-06
Magestore_BannerSlider Magestore_BannerSlider 2009-08-27 2016-08-24
magestore_banner Module banner slider renamed 2009-08-29 2009-08-29
ASchroder_SMTPPro Robust, Free and Open Source SMTP, Gmail, SendGrid and Google Apps Email support for Magento 2009-08-30 2015-10-30
Fooman_GoogleAnalyticsPlus Additional features for the default GoogleAnalytics module. 2009-09-06 2016-09-13
Meanbee_Statistics Collect arbitrary, module developer defined, usage statistics from Magento installations worldwide. 2009-09-13 2009-09-13