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FreePOP_Theme Free POP is a simple, nice and clear theme for magento ecommerce site. 2009-09-14 2012-09-12
FreeQuickContact Quick Contact - Free Frontend Version 2009-09-18 2010-03-07
IG_PostePay Modulo per ricevere pagamenti via ricarica PostePay. 2009-09-23 2012-01-20
magento_absolute_theme_free Magento Absolute Theme 2009-09-29 2016-08-25
magestore_autotwitt Auto Twitt 2009-10-01 2009-10-01
UK_Postcode_Address_Finder UK address auto completion functionality. Uses the Crafty Clicks web service to lookup address from a postcode. 2009-10-06 2016-04-27
Morningtime_Internetkassa (Dutch only) - Internetkassa is de betaalmodule voor alle Ogone-gebaseerde kassa's, zoals Rabo Internetkassa, ABN AMRO Internetkassa, NEOS Solutions kassa, TWYP (The Way You Pay) van ING Bank en Ogone. En wellicht diverse andere, minder bekende. 2009-10-09 2010-09-06
SecurePay_SecureXML Enables credit-card payments via the SecurePay gateway 2009-10-16 2012-05-28
MondialRelay_Pointsrelais Module de livraison Mondial Relay 2009-10-23 2012-04-23
Mage_Ogone_Official Official Ogone Payment Services Integration Module 2009-10-27 2012-04-24