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a3 Lazy Load is a Mobile Oriented, simple to use plugin that will speed up site performance. The more content heavy your site the better the plugin will perform and the more you will see the improvements in performance. See this demo of a page with 1,000 images (yes 1,000 images) to load.

a3 Lazy Load is inspired by and powered by the ressio Lazy-Load-xt JavaScript.

a3 Lazy Load is the most fully featured lazy load plugin for WordPress. Use the plugins admin settings to easily define what elements are lazy loaded when they become visible in the users browser. As the user scroll down the page the next lot of elements you have applied lazy Load to are only loaded as they become visible in the view port.

Image Lazy Load

Images are the number one element that slows page load and increases bandwidth use. From the a3 Lazy Load admin panel turn load images by a3 Lazy Load ON | OFF. For more flexibility when ON you can choose to ON | OFF lazy load for images in

  • Post and Pages (All Content areas)
  • Widgets (Sidebar, header and footer)
  • Apply to post thumbnails
  • Apply to gravatars

More than just Images

Video Lazy Load

a3 Lazy Load supports all WordPress video Embeds including Youtube, Vimeo and HTML5 video - for a full list see the WordPress Codex Embeds list. The WordPress embed method of copying and pasting the video url into posts and pages content area is fully supported. Note - embed video by WordPress shortcode is not supported.

From the a3 lazy Load admin panel turn Video Support ON | OFF. When ON you can choose to ON | OFF lazy load for videos in

  • Post and Pages (All Content areas)
  • Widgets (Sidebar, header and footer)
  • Youtube see demo
  • Video see demo
  • Fully Compatible with the popular Youtube Embed Plugin

Elements loaded by iframe

a3 Lazy Load has built in support for content that is added by iframe from any source in content and widgets - examples

  • WordPress embedded media
  • Facebook Like boxes with profiles, Like buttons, Recommend
  • Google+ Profile
  • Google Maps

WordPress 4.4 Post Embed

  • Fully compatible with WordPress 4.4 new embed post on any site feature
  • Makes embed post load much faster

WordPress Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

  • Built in auto support for WordPress AMP plugin
  • There are no setting options for exclude /amp - Lazy Load is just never applied to the /amp endpoint
  • When the url is loaded in browser without /amp Lazy Load is applied

Lazy Load Effects

a3 Lazy Load gives you the option to lazy load images with a FADE IN or SPINNER effect.

  • FADEIN see demo
  • SPINNER see demo
  • Option to create a custom Lazy Load pre-load background colour


a3 lazy Load is built and tested to be fully compatible with the very widely used WooCommerce plugin.

Performance Tweak

a3 Lazy Load gives you the option to load its script from your sites HEAD or from the FOOT.

  • Note that your theme must have the wp_footer() function if you select FOOTER load.
  • Note the plugin CSS is always loaded from the HEAD.

Exclude Images and Videos

a3 Lazy Load allows you to easily exclude any images and video by class name from having the Lazy Load effect applied.

JavaScript Disabled Fallback

a3 Lazy Load has built in Noscript fallback if user has JavaScript turned off in their browser. Developers who use underscore.js in their applications can use the Noscript parameter to exclude their plugins content from Lazy Load.

Theme Compatibility

  • Work with any WordPress theme that follows the WordPress Theme Codex.
  • Fully compatible with WPTouch plugin - Set to not apply on Mobiles if WPTouch is installed.
  • Fully compatible with MobilePress plugin - Set to not apply on Mobiles if MobilePress is installed.

Plugin Compatibility

  • Will not conflict with any plugin that has lazy load built in.
  • Plugin Developers a3 lazy load filter allows them to let lazy load apply to their plugin.
  • Tested 100% compatible with WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache plugins.
  • Tested 100% compatible with Amazon Cloudfront.
  • Fully compatible with CDN architecture.

Full Browser Support

a3 lazy Load is tested 100% compatible with all major browsers.


  • IE 6-11
  • Chrome 1-39 (current)
  • Firefox 1.5-33 (current)
  • Safari 3-8 (current)
  • Opera 10.6-25 (current)


  • iOS 5-8 (current)
  • Android 2.3-4.4 (current)
  • Amazon Kindle Fire 4-4.3 (Current)
  • Windows Mobile 8.1 (Current)

More Features

  • Full support of jQueryMobile framework
  • WordPress Multi site ready.
  • Backend support for RTL display.
  • Translation ready

Releases (54 )

Version Release Date Change Log
2.6.1 2022-11-01

This maintenance release has a security vulnerability patch, please run this update.

2.6.0 2022-07-20

This release adds the option to switch OFF WordPress Core Lazy Load.

2.5.1 2022-06-07

This maintenance release fixes a critical error when updating the plugin settings

2.5.0 2022-05-24

This release is for compatibility with WordPress major version 6.0 plus includes various tweaks to harden the plugins security

2.4.9 2022-01-24

This is a maintenance release for compatibility with WordPress major version 5.9

2.4.8 2021-11-22
  • This maintenance release has check for compatibility with PHP 8.x
2.4.7 2021-07-19

This maintenance release has code tweaks for WordPress 5.8 compatibility plus Security hardening.

2.4.6 2021-06-08

This maintenance release has code tweaks to resolve conflicts with third party plugs that use data-src and data-poster attributes, plus compatibility with WordPress 5.7.2

2.4.5 2021-03-17

This maintenance release updates 23 deprecated jQuery functions for compatibility with the latest version of jQuery in WordPress 5.7

2.4.4 2021-03-09

This maintenance release is for compatibility with WordPress 5.7

2.4.3 2020-12-31

This is an important maintenance release that updates our scripts for compatibility with the latest version of jQuery released in WordPress 5.6

2.4.2 2020-12-08

This maintenance release has tweaks and bug fixes for compatibility with WordPress major version 5.6, PHP 7.4.8 and WooCommerce 4.7.1

2.4.1 2020-08-17

This maintenance release resolves a conflict with jQuery helper plugin and WordPress 5.5

2.4.0 2020-08-08

This feature release has full compatibility with WP 5.5 core image lazy loading. Just Update and a3 Lazy Load will work side-by-side with the WP core image lazy load. No settings to update and a3 lazy load will enhance it by lazy loading images the new core feature misses and on older browsers that do not support the new feature.

2.3.3 2020-07-17

This maintenance release is compatibility with WordPress 5.4.2 and a bug fix for a conflict with the latest version 4.3 of WooCommerce

2.3.2 2020-03-17

This maintenance release has compatibility for WordPress 5.4, WooCommerce 4.0, full compliance with WordPress PHP coding standards plus a typo fix.

2.3.1 2020-02-29

This maintenance release contains various PHP code updates to resolve PHP warnings and depreciations in PHP 7.0 to 7.4

2.3.0 2020-02-25

This feature release adds support for horizontal scroll images plus a bug fix for compatibility with Revolution Slider

2.2.2 2020-01-18

This maintenance release is to update incorrect help text regarding usage of the new class and attribute exclusion strings

2.2.1 2020-01-16

This maintenance release adds support for the Lazy Load exclusion attribute 'data-skip-lazy'

2.2.0 2020-01-13

This feature release completes the full refactor (frontend and backend) of the plugins PHP to Composer plus introduces new standardized skip-lazy exclusion class with backward compatibility support for a3-notlazy class

2.1.0 2020-01-02

This feature release adds support for WebP images (this support is automatic there are no settings for it), plus compatibility with WordPress 5.3.2

2.0.0 2019-11-19

This feature release has a lot. PHP is upgraded to Composer PHP Dependency Manager, Compatibility with Jetpack Accelerator, a full security review, and compatibility with with WordPress 5.3.0

1.9.3 2019-06-29
  • This is a maintenance upgrade to fix a potentially fatal error conflict with sites running PHP 7.3 plus compatibility with WordPress 5.2.2
1.9.2 2019-01-02

This maintenance update is for compatibility with WordPress 5.0.2 and PHP 7.3. It also includes performance updates to the plugin framework.

1.9.1 2018-08-11

This maintenance update resolves 2 issues from the v 1.9.0 upgrade

1.9.0 2018-08-06

This feature upgrade is focused on adding a number of new options for excluding Lazy Load from sections of a site plus Compatibility with WordPress 4.9.8, Gutenberg 3.4.0 and WooCommerce 3.4.4

1.8.9 2018-06-04

Maintenance update. This upgrade has 2 code tweaks for compatibility with themes and plugins that load images via the wp_kses_post sanitizer as WooCommerce does since version 3.4.0 with widgets and on Cart page.

1.8.8 2018-05-26

Maintenance Update. Compatibility WordPress 4.9.6 and the new GDPR compliance requirements for users in the EU

1.8.7 2018-03-26

Maintenance Update. 2 code tweaks to enhance the lazy loading of images, video and iframe added by third party shortcodes in the content

1.8.6 2018-03-24

Maintenance Update. 1 bug fix from this morning 1.8.5 major maintenance release. A small piece of new code in v 1.8.5 was written on PHP v7 and is not compatible with PHP version 5.6 If you are running v PHP 5.6 please run this update to fix it

1.8.5 2018-03-24

Maintenance Update. Refactor of Lazy Load on Widgets, Full Compatibility with the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, optimization tweaks and 3 bug fixes.

1.8.4 2018-03-24

Maintenance Update. This version updates the Plugin Framework to v 2.0.2, adds full compatibility with a3rev dashboard and WordPress v 4.9.4

1.8.3 2018-01-19

Maintenance Update. 1 redirect Bug fix on first activate on site with WordPress v4.9.2

1.8.2 2017-11-10

Maintenance Update. 1 bug fix and 1 code tweak for compatibility with upcoming Major WordPress version 4.8.0

1.8.1 2017-05-31

Maintenance Update. 1 bug fix causing afatal error from version 1.8.0 release yesterday

1.8.0 2017-05-30

Feature Upgrade. 1 bug fix, 3 new features, 2 code updates for compatibility with WordPress v 4.7.5, PHP 7.0, Better AMP plugin and launch public Github Repo

1.7.1 2017-05-30
  • Tweak - Register fontawesome in plugin framework with style name is 'font-awesome-styles'
  • Tweak - Update plugin framework to latest version
  • Tweak - Tested for full compatibility with WordPress major version 4.5
1.7.0 2016-04-15

Feature Upgrade. Full compatibility with WordPress AMP. No settings for it - just auto. 3 other features, 3 code tweaks and 1 major Microsoft Browser bug fix

1.6.0 2016-03-01

Feature Upgrade. 1 New Feature. Now support Lazy Loading elements within content that is loaded by AJAX plus full compat with WordPress v4.4.1 and WooCommerce v2.5 - be sure to clear caches, CDNs etc

1.5.2 2016-01-22

Maintenance Update. 2 code tweaks and 2 bug fixes to correct lazy load not showing WordPress v 4.4 Responsive Images in legacy and mobile browsers, should flush the cached if site have installed cache plugin

1.5.1 2015-12-24

Maintenance Update. 2 Tweaks and 1 bug fix for themes that use loop code, or where 3rd party scripts add name to property attributes

1.5.0 2015-12-11

Feature Upgrade. 2 new features plus 1 bug fix and tweaks for full compatibility with WordPress major Version 4.4

1.4.1 2015-12-10

Major Maintenance Upgrade. 5 Code Tweaks plus 2 bug fixes for full compatibility with WordPress v 4.3.0

1.4.0 2015-08-22

Major Feature Upgrade. Massive admin panel UI and UX upgrade. Includes 5 new features, 3 Tweaks, 1 bug fix plus full compatibility with WooCommerce Version 2.3.11

1.3.0 2015-06-17

Feature Upgrade. New Image Loading Threshold feature. Set threshold in pixel that images will start to load before they reach the viewport.

1.2.2 2015-06-05

Important Maintenance Upgrade. 2 x major a3rev Plugin Framework Security Hardening Tweaks

1.2.1 2015-06-03

Maintenance Upgrade. 1 bug fix for dynamic stylesheets loaded over secure https protocol.

1.2.0 2015-05-26

Feature Upgrade. Added support for Lazy Load images in Tabbed content without having to scroll, also a file permissions tweak plus full compatibility with WordPress 4.2.2

1.1.1 2015-05-18

Maintenance upgrade. Code tweaks for full compatibility with WordPress 4.2.0 and WooCommerce 2.3.8

1.1.0 2015-04-22

Major version release. Added support for WordPress Embeds - Youtube, Vimeo, HTML5 video and iframe content from all sources.

1.0.2 2015-01-23

Upgrade now for an a3 Portfolio plugin compatibility code tweak and a new Dev parameter and exclude class.

1.0.1 2015-01-20
  • 2014/12/23 =
  • Tweak - Applied lazy load for 'wp_get_attachment_image_attributes' filter tag for WordPress default [gallery] shortcode
  • Tweak - Added link to a3 Lazy Load wordpress.org support forum on plugins description that show on plugins menu
  • Dev - Defined 'a3_lazy_load_enable' function when Enable Lazy Load is set to ON. Plugin and Theme developers can use the function to edit their image attribute so that a3 lazy load script can apply to the images.
  • Dev - Defined 'a3_lazy_load_skip_classes' filter tag. Developers can add another class css name for images that they don't want lazy load applied too.
  • Fix - Lazy Load does not apply to images added by shortcode, excluding the WordPress default [gallery] shortcode
1.0.0 2014-12-23
  • 2014/12/20 =
  • First working release