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AceIDE is a WordPress code editor with the long term goal of becoming the ultimate environment to code/develop WordPress themes and plugins. You can edit any files in your wp-content, not just plugins and themes. Code completion will help you remember your WordPress/PHP commands providing function reference along the way. AceIDE allows you to work with multiple files, with basic features such as the tabbed editor, syntax highlighting and line numbers. It also provides some more advanced features such as syntax verification and automatic backups upon saving.

Contributions and feedback is encouraged! If you find an issue, please let us know via the WordPress support forums, or the GitHub issue tracker. Code contributions are welcomed as a pull request to our GitHub repo.

This plugin would not be possible without the Cloud9 Editor which is the embedded code editor that powers much of the functionality.

This plugin performs best in the Chrome web browser.

Current Features:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • PHP syntax checking before saving to disk to try and banish white screen of death after uploading invalid PHP
  • Line numbers
  • Find+replace
  • Code autocomplete for WordPress and PHP functions along with function description, arguments and return value where applicable
  • Colour assist - a colour picker that only shows once you double click a hex colour code in the editor. You can also drag your own image into the colour picker to use instead of the default swatch (see other notes for info).
  • Automatic backup of every file you edit. (one daily backup and one hourly backup of each file stored in plugins/AceIDE/backups/filepath)
  • File tree allowing you to access and edit any file in your wp-content folder (plugins, themes, uploads etc)
  • Use the file browser to rename, delete, download, zip and unzip files (so you can download a zipped version of your whole theme for example)
  • Create new files and directories
  • Highlight matching parentheses
  • Code folding
  • Auto indentation
  • Tabbed interface for editing multiple files (editing both plugin and theme files at the same time)
  • Using the WordPress filesystem API, although currently direct access is forced (edit AceIDE.php in the constructor to change this behaviour) ftp/ssh connections aren't setup yet, since WP will not remember a password need to work out how that will work. Maybe use modal to request password when you save but be able to click save all and save a batch with that password. Passwords defined in wp-config.php are persistent and would fix this problem but people don't generally add those details. Open to ideas here.
  • Image editing/drawing
  • WordPress Multisite support

Future Ideas:

  • Improve the code autocomplete command information, providing more information on the commands, adding links through to the WordPress codex and website for further info.
  • Create an admin panel to choose between syntax highlighting themes and turn on/off other Cloud9 functionality
  • Better automated file backup process
  • Templates/shortcuts for frequently used code snippets, maybe even with an interface to accept variables that could be injected into code snippet templates.
  • Integration with version control systems such as Git

Releases (9 )

Version Release Date Change Log
2.6.2 2018-07-23
  • See github issue #32. Adds precision to backup naming.
  • Reverts breaking changes made by commit 80e8adf to fix #15.
2.6.1 2018-01-28
  • See github issue #27. Fixes issue introduced in 2.6.0, attempting to fix nois$
  • See github issue #26. Fixes CSS highlighting not working.
  • Bumped Ace version to 1.2.9.
  • Fixed PHPParser_Error not being caught.
  • Added 'aceide_parse_php' filter to allow disabling the inbuilt PHP syntax parser.
  • See github issue #24. Fixes some resource URLs.
2.6.0 2018-01-05
  • See github issue #15. Removes AJAX noise from ALL other plugins/themes etc. Much more solid than previous solution for github issue #5.
  • Resolves github issue #21. Better error output in the event the HTTP server will not process a file upload request.
  • Added plugin license.
  • Resolved github issue #22. AceIDE now supports PHP 7.
2.5.5 2017-04-05
  • Fixed github issue #11, where text would be replaced when clicking in replace field of the search box - Thanks to X-Raym
  • Fixed shift line up/down hotkeys
  • Added editor to Multisite's network admin menu - Thanks to X-Raym
  • Added AceIDE logo - Thanks to Kevin Young (rdytogokev)
  • Added Fullscreen editor
  • Added confirmation to zipping operations
  • Slightly modified some keyboard command handlers for usability
  • Changed capability from 'create_users' to 'edit_plugins' (See GitHub issue #14)
2.5.4 2017-01-11
  • Fixed broken SumoPaint image manipulation functionality (see github issue #3)
  • Strips noise from other plugins upon opening files (see github issue #5)
  • Fixed broken zipping functionality with ZipArchive (see github issue #6)
2.5.3 2016-09-27
  • Added autocomplete for taxonomy functions add_term_meta, get_term_meta, update_term_meta and delete_term_meta
  • Fixed broken zipping functionality (see github issue #2)
2.5.2 2016-09-17
  • Fixed AceIDE editor main class error on older versions of PHP for unknown shorthand array syntax
2.5.1 2016-08-03
  • Fixed dialog issues with Z order of find, settings and git dialogs
  • Fixed dialog close button mislocation
2.5.0 2016-08-02
  • WPide was forked into AceIDE!
  • Introduced composer as a dependency management solution
  • Massive code refactor to better follow Single Role Principle, and the WordPress PHP coding standards - introduces PHP namespacing into internal plugin code
  • Fixed WPide admin_body_class filter issue
  • Added multi-site support. (UNTESTED)
  • Added Drag n' Drop file moving
  • Added syntax highlighting for the Twig templating language (
  • Added the Emmet plugin to create HTML nodes with CSS syntax (
  • Upgraded Ace to v1.2.4
  • Fixed SumoPaint link issues when the aceide_filesystem_root filter is not at default value