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The Add Category to Pages plugin allows you to quickly add Categories and Tags to your Wordpress Pages.

This plugin allows you to add the power of Wordpress Taxonomy to Wordpress Pages.

Just activate the plugin and it will add category and tag support to Wordpress Pages


  • Adds Post Categories to Pages
  • Adds Post Tags to Pages
  • Lets you display List of Pages based on Categories
  • The plugin utilizes the archive.php and tag.php file included in your theme.

The plugin is based on this Tutorial

What are the benefits ?

There are various benefits of adding category to Pages YOu can * Embed a Category Based List of Pages * Create a Tag based archive for Pages * Create a Category based Archive for Pages * Hide Pages belonging to certain Category.. and Lots More

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Releases (2 )

Version Release Date Change Log
1.2 2019-10-19
1.1 2018-08-13