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If you manage a multi-author WordPress blog or WordPress sites for clients, then you may have wondered if it was possible to clean up the WordPress admin area for your users? There are lots of things in the WordPress admin area that your users dont need to see or use. This plugin help you to hide unnecessary items from WordPress admin area.

Adminimize makes it easy to remove items from view based on a users role.

What does this plugin do?

The plugin changes the administration backend and gives you the power to assign rights on certain parts. Admins can activate/deactivate every part of the menu and even parts of the sub-menu. Meta fields can be administered separately for posts and pages. Certain parts of the write menu can be deactivated separately for admins or non-admins. The header of the backend is minimized and optimized to give you more space and the structure of the menu gets changed to make it more logical - this can all be done per user so each role and their resulting users can have his own settings.

Support Custom Post Type

The plugin support all functions also for custom post types, automatically in the settings page.

Support Custom Options on all different post types

It is possible to add own options to hide areas in the back-end of WordPress. It is easy and you must only forgive a ID or class, a selector, of the markup, that you will hide.

Compatibility with plugins for MetaBoxes in Write-area

You can add your own options, you must only check for css selectors.

Crafted by Inpsyde Engineering the web since 2006.

Releases (44 )

Version Release Date Change Log
1.11.6 2019-12-23

(2019-12-23) = * Fixed to allow br, a, strong, em on admin footer hint. * Add new filter hook to change the options, like more or less options. mw_adminimize_options_before_update, Probs @g-kanoufi * Add new filter hooks to add custom area on the settings page, before and after Minmenu on top. mw_adminimize_minimenu_before_first_tr and mw_adminimize_minimenu_after_last_tr, Probs @g-kanoufi * Add filter hook adminimize_mu_force_options_per_site to allow different adminimize options per site on multisite, Probs @ulietNoth * Add filter hooks adminimize_user_roles_filter and adminimize_user_roles_names_filter to allow add or remove role column in adminimize options, Probs @ulietNoth

1.11.5 2019-07-07
1.11.4 2017-12-14
1.11.3 2017-11-16
1.11.2 2016-12-04

(2016-12-04) = * Fix backticks for shell_exec error. * Fix prevent access function for pages.

1.11.1 2016-11-24

(2016-11-24) = * Fix fatal error for WP smaller than 4.7 - Sorry again!

1.11.0 2016-11-24

(2016-11-24) = * Fix open Translations. props pedro-mendonca * Fix Typos. * Fix php warning on Admin Bar items for PHP 5.2. * Fix CPT feature support, if it false. * Add check in different functions for AJAX request. * Add to prevent access to pages of the back end, there are active for hiding in the settings. * Add plugin option to remove the default behavior to prevent access to pages.

1.10.6 2016-11-15

(2016-08-09) = * Fix to see Logout link also on mobile view. * Fix type definition.

1.10.5 2016-06-28

(2016-06-28) = * Fix PHP Warning * Fix check for active usage of Link Manager * Fix menu var type, if is object. * Check for multiple roles on Menu Settings, that it works only, if the option is still active on each role of this user.

1.10.4 2016-06-03

(2016-06-03) = * Add support for multiple roles to remove the Admin Bar via global options. * Add support for multiple roles to remove the Admin Bar Back end items. * Add also this support for Front End Admin Bar items. * Multiple roles supported now on "Menu Options", "Global Options", "Admin Bar Back end options" and "Admin Bar Front end options".

1.10.3 2016-05-10

(2016-05-11)= * Fix exclude of set new Admin Bar on settings page of Adminimize. * Fix check for settings page. * Fix colors on raw, column of the settings page. * Add buffering for debug helper in the console. * Fix caching for Dashboard Widget options.

1.10.2 2016-03-10

(2016-03-10) = * Add possibility for custom menu slugs, especially for Plugins, Themes, there add different slug for different roles. * Add the possibility to use the WP object cache for settings, if the webspace support this, like Memcached, APC. * More clarity for the "own options" label.

1.10.1 2016-02-29

(2016-02-29) = * Fix the Removing of Admin Color Scheme Select on the profile page. * Back-end options are also excluded on the settings page. * Add new settings area for options of the plugin self. * The support for multiple roles is now optional. * The support for bbPress is now active and optional.

1.10.0 2016-02-21

(2016-02-21) = * Rewrite the Admin Bar settings, simplify the source and new hook to get and render the Admin Bar. * Change settings screen for custom post type. * Fix "select all" on Admin Bar settings. * Fix exclude settings page for pages, there is the current screen not existent. * Improve the exclude settings page function for hooks, there fired before get_current_screen. * Remove more legacy code before WP 3.3. * Change removal of Menu and Submenu items to WP core functions, possible to non support older WP Versions. * Supports multiple roles on "Menu Options" and "Global Options". * Add possibility to hide Admin Notices globally, new setting point in "Global Options".

1.9.2 2016-01-30

(2016-01-30) = * Change get role name, return now a array with slug and name to fix "Select All" function for custom roles. * Change Menu Items to Key value, not the id. Makes possible to hide also menu items, there have a stupid menu entry. * Remove https fix; not necessary for the plugin. If you will usage, add this custom plugin. * Update pot and de_De language files.

1.9.1 2016-01-25

(2016-25-01) = * Bugfix for fixing ssl protocol in WP core on include styles and scripts.

1.9.0 2016-01-21

(2016-01-21) = * Change Ex-/Import functions to use JSON format and remove mysql topics, there no longer valid in WP core. * Add more checks to hide also dynamically menu items, like Customizer. * Update spanish and german language file. * Fix PHP Warning PHP Warning: in_array() * Fix PHP Notice: Array to string conversion * UI change: Fixed head on tables. * Update italian language files, props to marcochiesi. * Add global option to hide admin notices for each role. * Replace static source to get option, only one function to get it. * Change Admin Bar Feature: Difference between front-end and back-end. * More stability on admin bar settings. Switch hook to set, get data of admin bar. * Add possibilty to select/unselect all checkboxess for each area. * Fix redirect feature, if Dashboard menu item is active for a role. * Remove css tyles small WP 4.0 * Add minify js/css. * Several code changes. * Add custom fix for hide editors on post types. * Several performance changes, like replace from array_push. * Fix Role check, new function to fix #22624. * Exclude Settings page and Super Admin from remove Dashboard function.

1.8.5 2015-08-20

(2015-03-19) = * Add brazilian portuguese translation, thanks to Rafael Funchal * Small code changes for php notices * Fix Admin Bar Feature * Different code maintenance * Enhance readme for helpful links under FAQ * Fix to remove admin bar

1.8.4 2015-02-24

(06/06/2013) = * Change Widget Settings, better to unregister widgtes from other themes and plugins * Add more usability to the settings page * Small major changes

1.8.3 2013-04-20

(04/07/2013) = * Fix for use it with bbPress * Small minor changes

1.8.2 2013-02-15

(02/15/2013) = * Fix PHP Notice message for empty var, see support * Changes for load files and functions only, if it necessary * Fix, that the changes on Admin Bar work always in all admin pages

1.8.1 2013-02-15

(01/10/2013) = * Fix PHP notice on message for network * Check for active links manager; change from WP 3.5 * Add Widget settings (Beta) * Fix for remove admin bar in backend * Remove Backend options, there not usable with WP 3.5 and earlier * Fix 'Category Height' in post to use also in newer versions of WP * Fix to hide foorer, but it is usable to add custom content * Fix Hints, Options for Multisite install * Add Admin Bar options (Beta)

1.8.0 2012-10-23
1.7.27 2012-05-23
1.7.26 2012-04-24
1.7.25 2012-02-08
1.7.24 2012-01-11
1.7.23 2011-12-20
1.7.22 2011-11-24
1.7.21 2011-11-01
1.7.20 2011-11-01
1.7.19 2011-10-21
1.7.18 2011-06-17
1.7.17 2011-04-11
1.7.16 2011-04-05
1.7.15 2011-03-30
1.7.14 2011-03-03
1.7.13 2011-03-02
1.7.7 2010-12-22
1.7.12 2010-10-25
exports 2010-09-15
1.6 2009-04-27
1.4.7 2008-10-14
1.3 2008-09-05