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AmazonJS displays Amazon products on your WordPress posts and pages. AmazonJS adds a search form to WordPress post form. Then you can search Amazon products by keyword, ASIN or URL, and add shortcode or html to your post from results of search.

AmazonJS uses `amazonjs' shortcode and jQuery template to display Amazon products. View the work data at runtime, Javascript allows various representations. AmazonJS has some template to Amazon products for each Product Group, it can how to display the different Amazon products, such as books and music.

  • Requires WorPress 3.3 or later
  • Requires your Amazon Product Advertising API
  • Plugin Uses API cache by using Transients API
  • Customize template by using jQuery template
  • Supports Amazon domains (US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, China, Italy, Spain)

Using Amazon Product Advertising API

AmazonJS requires Amazon Product Advertising API in order to get Amazon product information from ASIN or keyword. Thus, you have to sign up Amazon Product Advertising API and specify your Access Key and Secret Access Key. And you must set your associate tags for Amazon Associates also.


AmazonJS adds a media link above an editor in the editing post page. The form that searches an Amazon product is shown when you click it. AmazonJS adds a simple html code (like WP-amazon) or an amazonjs shortcode from form.

AmazonJS supports the `amazonjs' shortcode.

ex) [amazonjs asin="B00005ED8E" locale="JP" tmpl="Small" title="DNA"]

  • asin: (required) ASIN (ProductID of Amazon)
  • locale: (required) US, UK, DE, FR, JP, CA, CN, IT or ES
  • tmpl: (optional) Small. if tmpl is empty, apply a template via Product Group of Amazon Product Advertising API.
  • title: (optional) It will be used for loading message.
  • imgsize: (optional) Thumbnail image size. small, medium or large.

Display by javascript

In first, AmazonJS converts tag from amazonjs short code in server side. Second, in window.load, amazonjs.js (it is added by plugin) will replace tag with formatted html to display Amazon Product by using jQuery template.


  • GitHub Repository (latest source code and old versions):
  • Japanese article:

Releases (1 )

Version Release Date Change Log
0.8 2018-11-24
  • Supported Transients API for cache (file cache is no longer in use)
  • Improved to start rendering
  • Fixed to use get_locale() instead of WPLANG