Auto Image Attributes From Filename With Bulk Updater (Add Alt Text, Image Title For Image SEO)

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Version Release Date Change Log
4.0 2022-12-13
  • Date: 13.December.2022.
  • Tested with WordPress 6.1.1.
  • Enhancement: Compatibility with Image Attributes Pro version 4.0. Check what's new in 4.0.
3.3 2022-11-10
  • Date: 10.November.2022.
  • Tested with WordPress 6.1.
  • Enhancement: Compatibility with Image Attributes Pro version 3.2. Check what's new in 3.2.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a UI issue where the buttons for Custom Attribute Tags were not working in certain cases.
  • I18n: Plugin is translated to Polish thanks to Robert from
3.2 2022-04-27
  • Date: 27.April.2022.
  • Tested with WordPress 5.9.3.
  • Enhancement: Log message for Skip Image button now specifies which image is skipped and links to the Edit Media page for that image.
3.1 2022-03-24
  • Date: 24.March.2022.
  • Tested with WordPress 5.9.2.
  • New Feature: Added 'Skip Image' button for the Bulk Updater. Useful during troubleshooting. Read more.
  • Enhancement: Compatibility with Image Attributes Pro version 3.0. Check what's new in 3.0.
3.0 2022-01-18
  • Date: 19.January.2022
  • Tested with WordPress 5.8.3.
  • Enhancement: Removed "Global Switch" option as part of cleaning up the user interface. This option was redundant and the same can be accomplished either by deactivating the plugin or by disabling every option in "General Settings". Please take a note of this change if you have disabled "Global Switch" on your website.
  • UI Enhancement: Added description text to clarity settings to improve usability.
  • UI Enhancement: Added demo video link in plugin settings page.
2.1 2021-07-02
  • Date: 02.July.2021
  • Enhancement: Compatibility with Image Attributes Pro v2.0.
2.0 2021-06-18
  • Date: 18.June.2021
  • Tested with WordPress 5.7.2.
  • UI Enhancement: Changed order of General Settings to match the order in Media Library.
  • UI Enhancement: Changed the word attached to uploaded in If image is not attached to a post, image filename will be used instead for better clarity.
  • I18n: More strings are now translation ready, thanks to @alexclassroom.
1.6 2019-01-06
  • Date: 06.January.2019
  • Tested with WordPress 5.0.2.
  • Enhancement: Improved bulk updater warning and inline documentation.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that ignored the setting for inserting image title into the post HTML. Thanks @jamesryancooper
1.5 2018-05-06
  • Date: 06.May.2018
  • Enhancement: Changed text domain from abl_iaff_td to auto-image-attributes-from-filename-with-bulk-updater to make the plugin translation ready in
  • Enhancement: Code improvements.
  • Enhancement: Added an activation notice with link to the settings page for better on-boarding experience.
1.4 2017-11-22
  • Date: 22.November.2017
  • NEW: Global switch to enable or disable the plugin.
  • NEW: Test button.
  • NEW: Stop Bulk Updater button.
  • NEW: Support tab.
  • Improvement: Changed source of filename from guid to wp_get_attachment_url() to prevent conflicts with other plugins. GUID was being replaced by other plugins. Thanks to @niresh12495 for bringing this up.
  • Impreovement: Added checks to check if attachment is image before processing.
  • FIX: Added boolval() function for backwards compatibility with servers with PHP older than PHP 5.5.
  • Added preview of premium options that ship with Image Attributes Pro
  • UI Improvements.
  • Code improvements.
1.3 2017-08-18
  • Improved the architecture of the plugin laying foundation for future updates. Utilizing my starter plugin framework
  • Bug fix: For images that had EXIF data, EXIF data was used instead of filename. Props to @mathieupellegrin for reporting this.
  • NEW: Added option to Insert Image Title into HTML. WordPress stopped including image titles since 3.5. Code from Restore Image Title plugin was used.
  • NEW: Remove full stops ( . ) from filename.
  • NEW: Remove commas ( , ) from filename.
  • NEW: Remove all numbers ( 0-9 ) from filename.
  • NEW: Added a warning and user confirmation before while clicking "Run Bulk Updater" button to prevent accidental clicks.
  • UI Improvement: Cleaned up the interface and moved the Bulk Updater to its own tab.
  • UI Improvement: Bulk updater log is now displayed in a neat box instead of just printing the results on the page.
  • Parts of the code was updated for more efficiency and faster processing.
  • Tested on WordPress 4.8.1. Result
1.2 2017-07-15
  • Added: Character filter options. Plugin now removes hyphens and underscores.
  • Bug Fix: Minor bug fix.
1.1 2017-07-04
  • Added options to choose individual image attributes for NEW uploads.


1.0 2017-07-04
  • First release of the plugin.