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Version Release Date Change Log
2.0.6 2022-11-16

(07.11.2022) = * Fixed: Minor bugs.

2.0.5 2022-11-07

(02.06.2022) = * Fixed: Security issue

2.0.4 2022-06-03

(27.05.2022) = * Added: Compatibility with Wordpress 6.0

2.0.1 2022-05-27

(24.03.2022) = * Added: Compatibility with Wordpress 5.9

2.0.0 2022-03-22

(24.11.2021) = * Added: Page caching. It creates static HTML files of frontend pages and stores them on the servers disk. This allows the static HTML files to be delivered instead of generating pages on the fly, avoiding resource intensive backend processes from the WordPress core, plugins, and database. * Improved: Compatibility with premium plugin

1.9.6 2021-11-24

(15.09.2021) = * Fixed: Minor bugs. * Improved: Compatibility with Wordpress 5.8

1.9.3 2021-07-02

(31.05.2021) = * Fixed: Bug * Fixed: Bug * Fixed: Bug * Fixed: Minor bugs.

1.8.9 2021-05-11

(06.04.2021) = * Fixed: Clearfy was blocking htaccess file overwriting in some cases, now the problem is fixed.

1.8.7 2021-04-05

(17.03.2021) = * The plugin now requires php 7 and wordpress 5.2 to work properly.

1.8.5 2021-03-04

(08.02.2021) = * Fixed: Minor bugs.

1.8.2 2021-01-26

(22.12.2020) = * Updated: subscription form will disappear from this moment if you have already subscribed. * Fixed: [Assets manager component] duplicate templates and scripts error when rendering html views of Assets manager.

1.7.4 2020-11-20

(16.09.2020) = * Fixed: Cannot declare class Minify_HTML (Conflict with WP-Optimize).

1.7.0 2020-09-04
  • Added: Compatibility with Wordpress 5.5
1.6.9 2020-08-18
  • Added: Critical CSS options
1.6.8 2020-07-22

(3.06.2020) = * Fixed: critical bug

1.6.6 2020-06-03

(29.04.2020) = * Fixed: Minor bugs

1.6.5 2020-04-30

(28.04.2020) = * Fixed: The license was activated during synchronization with the server, but the license has not expired yet and was active. * Fixed: The notification Please, install premium plugin no longer appears if the plugin was installed manually. * Added: ompatibility with php 7.4 * Added: ompatibility with Wordpress 5.4 * Fixed: [Webcraftic Disable Admin Notices Individually] Conflicts with plugins 404page, Laras Google Analytics, YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards * Fixed: [Minify and combine] Minor bugs.

1.6.4 2020-04-28

(12.02.2020) = * Fixed: Minor bugs.

1.6.3 2020-02-12

(21.01.2020) = * Fixed: Minor bugs. * Fixed: Compatibility with Robin image optimizer 1.4.2 * Fixed: Broken links in plugin interface. * Fixed: Bug with translations of components. * Fixed: [Minify and combine] compatibility php 7.4

1.6.2 2020-01-21

(20.11.2019) = * Fixed: Minor bugs.

1.6.1 2019-11-20

(13.11.2019) = * Fixed: Compatibility with Wordpress 5.3 * Fixed: [Assets manager component] Minor bugs. Added an admin notice about great release. * Fixed: [Assets manager component] Conditional logic in the premium plugin didn't work in previous version due an error. * Added: [Assets manager component] You can control asset requires. Now if you disabled asset and it required for which other asset, you will get prompt with warning. * Added: [Assets manager component] If you click on the "requires" tag, you will be gone to the asset for which require the current asset. * Added: Restored plugin Hide my wp for premium build. And added compatibility Clearfy with Hide my wp.

1.6.0 2019-11-14

(12.10.2019) = * Fixed: [Google analytic cache] a bug with creating a local copy of the Google analytics library. * Fixed: [Assets manager component] fatal error with "Call to undefined function wp_scripts_get_suffix" * Fixed: [Assets manager component] bugs with jquery library and improved compatibility with other optimization plugins." * Fixed: [Robin image optimizer] a bug with converting webp in image optimizer. Under the Clearfy license images weren't converted. * Fixed: Removed ads for premium users

1.5.3 2019-10-04
  • Fixed: Bug with Elementor plugin. If you enable options "remove query strings for static resources", elementor plugin stopped its work
  • Fixed: [Update manager component]: When you disable WordPress core updates, you still see an update notification for version 5.x.x
  • Fixed: [Update manager component]: Clearfy compatibility error. Namely, when the component was activated, the cron tasks for checking for updates were not runned.
  • Fixed: [Update manager component]: PHP Notice "Undefined property: stdClass::$plugin"
  • Fixed: [Assets manager component]: Php error "Cannot use string offset as an array"
  • Fixed: [Assets manager component]: Broken interface and some javascript errors
  • Fixed: [Assets manager component]: PHP Notice "Trying to get property 'taxonomy' of non-object"
  • Fixed: When you enable the remove meta generator option, meta tag viewport can also be removed.
  • Fixed: After enabling the Google Fonts asynchronous option, you could see php notice "Notice: Trying to get property of non-object"
  • Fixed: Disabling revisions in Wordpress 5.0 does not work (Gutenberg).
  • Fixed: Compatible with Robin Image Optimizer 1.3.6
1.5.0 2019-04-28
  • Fixed: Bug when disabling embeds, in Wordpress 5.0 did not work editor gutenberg
1.4.6 2018-12-03
  • Fixed: Bug when license activated [Call to undefined function mime_content_type].
  • Fixed: Disable comments component: [Uncaught Error: Class 'WCTR_Plugin' not found].
  • Fixed: Removed notifications that cannot be dismissed.
  • Fixed: Update manager component: [Notice: Trying to get property of non-object].
  • Fixed: Update manager component: [Warning: Invalid argument supplied].
1.3.184 2018-10-23
  • Fixed: Critical error with WCL_Helper::minifyHtml()
  • Fixed: Disable rest api
  • Fixed: Disable emojis
  • Fixed: Translations
  • Fixed: Bug when loading components with Clearfy business
  • Fixed: Added compatibility with Learndash
  • Fixed: Added nl_BE translation
  • Fixed: Added pt_BR translation
  • Fixed: Updated component translations
  • Fixed: Many small bugs fixed
1.3.1 2018-09-06
1.2.1 2018-08-17
  • Fixed: Bug with Buddypress (forum issue BUG. Blank Edit buddypress page)
  • Fixed: In version 1.2.0, changes were lost 1.9.1 and 1.9.2
  • Fixed: Did not work function to remove XFN profiler
  • Fixed: Changed the redirect type from 302 to 301 when you try go to through of page navigation.
  • Fixed: Problems with translations
  • Fixed: Remove comments function kill the tags <!--noindex--><!--/noindex-->
  • Fixed: [Cyrlitera component] bug with transliteration of file names
  • Added: [Cyrlitera component] - transliteration of cyrillic symbols into Latin alphabet, normalization of file names.
  • Added: [Cyrlitera component] Forced transliteration for file names
  • Added: [Cyrlitera component] Function of converting files to lowercase
  • Added: [Cyrlitera component] Forced transliteration function
  • Added: [Cyrlitera component] The function of redirecting old records to new ones
  • Added: [Cyrlitera component] Ability to change the base of symbols of transliteration
  • Added: [Cyrlitera component] Button for converting old posts, categories, tags
  • Added: [Cyrlitera component] Button to restore old links
  • Added: Compatibility with PHP 7.2
1.1.92 2018-03-23
  • Fixed bug: admin area loads slower when theme and plugin updates: disabled
  • Fixed bug: hide errors when logging into the site breaks login
1.2.0 2018-03-23
  • Fixed: Google fonts dns-prefetch erroneous deletion
  • Fixed: Importing and saving settings issues
  • Fixed: The "Recent Comments" widget does not deleted
  • Fixed: Redirection for rss feeds did not work
  • Fixed: urlspan.js was loaded when it was not necessary
  • Fixed: "Disable All WordPress Updates" deleted notifications in the adminbar
  • Fixed: Clearfy and DeliPress onflict on php 7.1
  • Fixed: The gravatars didn't turned off when disable comments
  • Fixed: Slowing down the plugins page when updates were disabled
  • Fixed: Issues with setting alt attributes for images
  • Fixed: The plugin interface did not work and the styles were not loaded due to security settings
  • ADDED: Plugin options caching to reduce database queries for 90%. Clearfy became lighter and faster.
  • ADDED: Compress and cache the plugin core files, to reduce the load on the admin panel
  • ADDED: Google Analytics cache
  • ADDED: Google Fonts asynchronous
  • ADDED: Font Awesome asynchronous
  • ADDED: Google Fonts disabling
  • ADDED: Google Maps disabling
  • ADDED: Dashicons disabling
  • ADDED: XFN (XHTML Friends Network) Profile Link disabling
  • ADDED: Gravatars disabling
  • ADDED: html minification settings was enhanced
  • ADDED: Transliteration of Cyrillic alphabet for URLs and filenames
  • ADDED: Login page protection (you can rename the login page)
  • ADDED: Warnings about plugin conflicts. You can see the warnings if you have plugins' options which can intersect with Clearfy and cause conflicts.
1.1.8 2018-02-05
  • Added new feature You will see the link "Hide notification forever" in each notice. Push it and they will not bother you anymore.
  • Added new feature Disable/Enable plugin updates individually.
  • Added new feature Disable/Enable plugin auto updates individually.
  • Added new feature Updates nags only for Admin. This plugin allows you to hide the update WordPress reminder from all users that are not assumed Administrators (cannot upgrade plugins).
  • Translation into Italian
  • Fixed quick mode
  • Updated interface style
  • Fixed a problem with the fonts in the update manager
  • Fixed problem with auto update of plugins and themes
1.1.7 2018-01-22
  • Fixed bug with disable embeds option
  • Fixed bug with core update
  • Fixed plugin translation
  • Removed CDN package
1.1.4 2017-11-17
  • Fixed a bug where you selected the recommended mode, on some pages you see a white screen. Now you will not encounter this error.
1.1.2 2017-10-16
  • Redesigned plugin interface design
  • Updated quick setup assistant, now it provides you with information about disabled functions.
  • Added plugin import and export settings
  • Added new features "Remove default widgets settings and quick mode"
  • Added new features "Disable and enable automatic updates of plugin or themes"
  • Added new features "Disable and enable auto core updates"
  • Added new features "Disable all updates qick mode"
  • Added donate button
  • Update readme.txt
1.1.1 2017-09-19
  • Fixed caching of styles and scripts
1.0.9 2017-09-13
  • Added quick start assistant
  • Added new feature "Right robots.txt"
  • Added new feature "Html minify"
  • Update core functions
  • Added new feature "Redirect Http to Https"