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3.5.6 2022-11-16

(Nov 16, 2022) = * CI: Add new deployment workflow #890 * Dependency update #891

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3.5.5 2022-11-16
  • Add Yoast integration #877
  • CI: Add WP 6.1 #886 #887

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3.5.4 2022-11-04
  • Handle WP_Error on failed guest author creation for method create_guest_author() #879
  • Only use pre_handle_404 filter in non-paged result #874
  • Add CLI create-author command #880
  • Add template tag co_authors_get_users() #862
  • Change permission callback for authors and search endpoint and improve current_user_can_set_authors() #883
  • Fix tests and add IDE files #882
  • Bump dependencies #866 #865 #864

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3.5.3 2022-10-24
  • Add author taxonomy labels #860
  • Add check for empty author in Jetpack Open Graph tags #861
  • Improve performance of search_authors() #872
  • Update WP versions in tests and grant permission to composer-installer packages #863

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3.5.2 2022-06-02
  • Remove the /wp/v2/coauthors endpoint #851
  • Remove CSS hack that hides the add author box from core in the block editor #847

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3.5.1 2022-04-25
3.5 2022-04-21
3.4.92 2021-10-15
3.4.91 2021-08-12
3.4.9 2021-08-11
3.4.8 2021-06-15
3.4.7 2021-05-31
3.4.6 2021-05-28
3.4.5 2021-03-28

= 3.1 = Manage co-authors from quick edit, Jetpack Open Graph support, bug fixes.

= 3.0.7 = Support for symlink installations, updated French translation, bug fixes.

= 3.0.4 = Bug fixes and the ability to automatically add co-authors to your feeds.

= 3.0.1 = Bug fixes and minor enhancements

3.4.4 2021-03-26
  • Fixed bug where author with slug beginning with "cap" does not appear in bylines AJAX suggest box when queried
  • Travis for Xenial build no longer fails
  • Unit tests no longer fail
  • Fixed REST permissions bug where co-author cannot view post assigned to them in Gutenberg
3.4.3 2021-03-26
  • Added author support to CPT instructions in readme FAQ
  • Added object check for user in coauthors_set_post_author_field()
  • Fix inefficient user query in avatar url hook
  • Fix operand typo in get_guest_author_thumbnail() for adding custom classes
  • Remove hardcoded default avatar and use default option
3.4.2 2019-12-16
  • Fix incorrect user avatar being displayed from featured post image
  • Add check for filter_get_avatar_url to ensure valid second parameter
  • add_coauthors() accepts ID parameter now and ensures valid term slug used
  • filter_count_user_posts checks that user ID returns valid user object
  • Added post count instructions in readme FAQ for CPTs
3.4 2019-05-07
  • New filter get_coauthors for modifying coauthor data returned in get_coauthors()
  • New filter coauthors_guest_authors_exported_extra_data to allow guest author to export data as regular author
  • New filter get_avatar_url() to show avatar in JS selection
  • New parameter in coauthors_wp_list_authors() to only query authors with posts
  • Add internationalization support to title and name in author archives
  • Add safelist to skip irrelevant capabilities during permission checks
  • Add helper function get_guest_author_post_count()
  • Add parameter for outputting HTML classes in coauthors_get_avatar() template tag
  • Add --append_coauthors flag to synopsis of CLI assign-coauthors
  • Adjust CLI command create-guest-authors-from-csv to import website, avatar and description
  • Post type of "any" can be used in filters
  • Remove unnecessary is_array() check
  • Remove unnecessary action_pre_user_query()
  • Use correct args in search_authors()
  • Have filter_author_archive_title() run on author archives only
  • Improve tests coverage
  • Change posts_selection to action from filter
  • Fix number of args expected for get_the_archive_title callback
  • Fix spelling, update FAQ for disabling guest authors and credits in readme
  • Output coauthors_links_single() template tag correctly when guest author has no website
  • Number by "Mine" link shows correct listing of posts
  • Linked guest authors show accurate post counts
  • Can no longer add co-author more than once
  • No more overwriting posts with current user in add_coauthors()
  • Accurate post count for user when using different login
  • No more double post count for users with linked accounts
  • Fix SQL error
  • Fix "Mine" link href for Pages
  • Can delete users when guest authors functionality disabled
  • Fix incompatibility issue with Yoast of missing posts in author pages
  • Resolve undefined index warnings on author archives
  • Resolve warnings when current user has no term assigned
3.3.1 2018-12-07

("Gutentag") = * 5.0 Compat: Hide core author inputs when using the Block Editor to limit confusion (h/t jonathanstegall).

3.3.0 2018-04-17

("Rebecca") = * Fix private post viewing on front-end * Reduce amount of sleep * Author search UX issues * Remove associated guest user when mapped user id deleted. * Removed double left join on posts_join_filter * Fixed WP CLI create-terms-for-posts if no co-authors found * Pages archive now displays coauthors and quick edit works * Terminology updated throughout * Replace hardcoded 'author' with $this->$coauthor_taxonomy * Move parenthesis to fix esc_html and sprintf * Added progress to create-guest-authors so users have an idea of how long it will take * Deleting guest authors is less confusing * Guest author's featured image is avatar now * Removed extra image sizing * Remove duplicated byline * coauthors_wp_list_authors() has option to list only guest authors now * remove duplicates from linked accounts on coauthors_wp_list_authors() * Accurate Guest Author post count on linked accounts * New * Filter author archive * Fix coauthors_links_single() * Added guest author hooks for create/delete * Fixes logic for DOING_AUTOSAVE check * user_login spaces problem when using add_coauthors * Adding details of filter for slow performance * Remove redundant test for 404 on Author Archive * Guest Author Counts are more accurate * Set $coauthors_loading * Fix the issue where guest authors with non-ASCII characters can't be used as co-authors * Fix the issue where incompatibility when coauthors_auto_apply_template_tags set to true * Unit tests/Fix warnings for template tags * Review and improve test coverage * Update class-wp-cli.php * Update .travis.yml file for PHPUnit tests * Changes to resolve issue #332 about missing coauthor meta

3.2.2 2017-06-08
  • Fix broken author ordering in 4.7+ (props mslinnea)
  • Fix no moderation e-mail bug (props RobjS)
  • Cached functions in CLI commands (props jasonbahl)
  • Fix missing echos (props trepmal)
  • Add coauthors_guest_author_query_args filter (props trepmal)
3.2.1 2016-12-09

(May 16, 2016) = * Hotfix for broken Guest Author bio metabox (props JS Morisset)

3.2 2016-05-12

Various minor bug and security fixes

3.1.1 2016-04-14

(Mar. 20, 2014) = * Bug fix: Co-authors selection UI should appear when creating a new post too.

3.1 2014-03-17

Manage co-authors from quick edit, Jetpack Open Graph support, bug fixes.

3.0.7 2014-01-27

Support for symlink installations, updated French translation, bug fixes.

3.0.6 2013-12-09

(Dec. 9, 2013) = * New Swedish translation, courtesy of alundstroem * Updated German translation, courtesy of krafit. * New filter for specifying the default author assigned to a post. Props tannerm * Bug fix: When filtering a user's published post count, use the value of their guest author profile if one is mapped. * Added support for checkboxes in Guest Author profiles * Fix Strict warnings from CPT's that don't define all capabilities * New swap-coauthors CLI command for replacing one co-author with another

3.0.5 2013-02-18

(Feb. 18, 2013) = * New filter 'coauthors_search_authors_get_terms_args' allows you to increase the number of matches returned with AJAX co-author selection * Bug fix: If there isn't an author term yet for a co-author, avoid an erronous join that caused duplicate posts to appear.

3.0.4 2013-01-06

Bug fixes and the ability to automatically add co-authors to your feeds.

3.0.3 2012-12-04

(Dec. 3, 2012) = * Bug fix: The default order for the 'author' taxonomy should be 'term_order', in order for the author positions to stick. Props lgedeon

3.0.2 2012-11-23

(Nov. 23, 2012) = * Bug fix: Fall back to non-pretty permalinks when the author permastruct is empty, so that coauthors_posts_links() doesn't link to the homepage

3.0.1 2012-11-21

Bug fixes and minor enhancements


3.0 2012-11-12

(Nov. 12, 2012) = * Create guest author profiles for bylines you'd like to assign without creating WordPress user accounts. Guest authors can have all of the same fields as normal users including display name, biography, and avatars. * Support for non-Latin characters in usernames and guest author names * wp-cli subcommands for creating, assigning, and reassigning co-authors * For themes using core template tags like the_author() or the_author_posts_link(), you enable Co-Authors Plus support with a simple filter * New author terms are now prefixed with 'cap-' to avoid collisions with global scope * Bug fix: Apply query filters to only post_types registered with the taxonomy. Props Tom Ransom * Filter coauthors_posts_link_single() with 'coauthors_posts_link'. Also adds rel="author". Props Amit Sannad and Gabriel Koen * Filter for the context and priorities of the Co-Authors meta boxes. Props Tom Kapler * Renamed the post meta box for selecting authors so it applies to many post types. Props John Blackbourn

2.6.4 2012-05-07
2.6.3 2012-04-30
2.6.2 2012-03-07
2.6.1 2011-12-30
2.6 2011-12-23
2.5.3 2011-08-14
2.5.2 2011-04-23
2.5.1 2011-03-26
2.5 2011-03-26
2.1.1 2009-10-17
2.1 2009-10-14
2.0 2009-10-11
1.2 2009-06-15
1.1.5 2009-04-27
1.1.4 2009-04-25
1.1.3 2009-04-24