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CoBlocks is the most innovative collection of page building WordPress blocks for the new Gutenberg WordPress block editor.

With additional blocks and true row and column building, CoBlocks gives you a true page builder experience for Gutenberg.

CoBlocks is powerful but lightweight: it adds functionality to the WordPress editor without bloat. This is the plugin you've been waiting for, and it will make you rethink what WordPress is capable of.

See For Yourself

Make Beautiful Web Pages With Gutenberg & CoBlocks

CoBlocks is the last page builder youll ever need: you get a winning mix of additional WordPress blocks, and page builder functionality. With CoBlocks you have everything you need to make beautiful web pages with the new block editor:

  • Accordion Block
  • Alert Block
  • Author Profile Block
  • Buttons Block
  • Carousel Gallery Block
  • Click to Tweet Block
  • Collage Gallery Block
  • Dynamic Separator Block
  • Events Block (New!)
  • Features Block
  • Food & Drinks Block
  • Form Block
  • Gif Block
  • GitHub Gist Block
  • Hero Block
  • Highlight Block
  • Icon Block
  • Logos & Badges Block
  • Map Block
  • Masonry Gallery Block
  • Media Card Block
  • Offset Gallery Block
  • Post Carousel Block
  • Posts Block
  • Pricing Table Block
  • Resizable Row/Columns Blocks
  • Services Block
  • Shape Divider Block
  • Social Profiles Block
  • Social Sharing Block
  • Stacked Gallery Block

Breakthrough Page Builder System

CoBlocks features an innovative block system that allows you to create stunning web pages, and even entire websites, with the new WordPress editor.

You get the extra blocks you need and the layout and design functionality for a true page builder experience.

Use the exceptional Row and Columns blocks to add dynamically generated content areas with specific responsive margin and padding settings that only CoBlocks provides.

Style these with innovative new blocks such as the Shape Divider, which lets you split up your content with beautiful dividers.

Each of the WordPress blocks within CoBlocks have been precisely fined tuned to offer a familiar, yet powerful, customization experience. Tailor each block to your taste using our custom controls and settings. Change fonts, set margin and padding, pick colors and more.

Custom Typography Controls

The breakthrough Typography Control Panel within CoBlocks lets you design web pages with alluring typographic elements. Set fonts, sizes, weights, transformations and more, in our CoBlocks blocks, and in core WordPress blocks.

Free Companion Theme

CoBlocks is built to show off the best of Gutenberg, but it requires a Gutenberg-first theme to unlock its full potential. We also created the free Go theme in the WordPress theme repository as the perfect companion for CoBlocks.

Going Beyond Gutenberg Blocks

The vision for CoBlocks is to create a suite of Gutenberg blocks to help folks make beautiful websites easily. These newest releases of CoBlocks is the ultimate expression of that vision.

Join us in welcoming the future of WordPress blocks:

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Built With Developers in Mind

Extensible, adaptable, and open source CoBlocks is created with theme and plugin developers in mind. If you're intersted to jump in the project, there are opportunities for developers at all levels to get involved. Contribute to CoBlocks on GitHub and join the party.

Releases (28 )

Version Release Date Change Log
1.26.3 2020-05-29
1.26.2 2020-05-29
1.26.1 2020-05-04
1.26.0 2020-04-30
1.25.0 2020-04-23
1.24.0 2020-04-16
1.23.0 2020-03-19
1.22.0 2020-03-05
1.21.1 2020-02-20
1.21.0 2020-02-13
1.20.1 2020-01-24
1.20.0 2020-01-23
1.19.3 2020-01-10
1.19.2 2020-01-09
1.19.1 2019-12-20
1.19.0 2019-12-19
1.18.0 2019-12-06
1.17.3 2019-11-21
1.17.2 2019-11-14
1.17.1 2019-11-12
1.17.0 2019-11-12
1.16.1 2019-10-18
1.16.0 2019-10-17
1.15.0 2019-10-04
1.14.0 2019-10-04
1.13.0 2019-10-04
  • New: Support for Gutenberg 6.4
  • New: Example block content added for the new block inserter help panel
  • New: Block level background color can be applied to the Share block
  • New: Block level background color can be applied to the Social Profiles block
  • New: Stacked Gallery block can now be aligned left, right, and center
  • New: Internationalization improvements for utilizing GlotPress
  • New: Improvements in code organization to prepare for the Block Directory
  • Tweak: Center align Share icons by default for wide and full block alignment
  • Tweak: Center align Social Profile icons by default for wide and full block alignment
  • Tweak: Simplify top and bottom block margin setting labels
  • Tweak: Version history moved to a changelog.txt file
  • Tweak: Adjust spacing for nested blocks when selecting the parent block
  • Tweak: Improve the Pricing block description
  • Tweak: Improve the Social Profiles block description
  • Tweak: Improve the Highlight block description
  • Tweak: Improve the Author block icon and description
  • Tweak: Improve the placeholder behavior in the Food and Drinks block
  • Tweak: Unify the size control in the Icon block to match core settings
  • Tweak: Added a cancel button to the Map block preventing unwanted updates
  • Tweak: Simplify specificity of CSS styles on the Alert block
  • Tweak: Simplify specificity of CSS styles on the Accordion block
  • Tweak: Moved the Accordion block into the CoBlocks block category
  • Tweak: Change the Icon block size selector to a proper Select control
  • Tweak: Focus style added to Food and Drink block's item attributes
  • Tweak: Prevent enqueuing frontend scripts on AMP responses
  • Tweak: Improved Alert block style selection with core component
  • Fix: Grid layout control no longer visually broken on the Hero block
  • Fix: Removed the "Layout" sidebar panel from the Row block
  • Fix: Resolve grid control tooltips missing a unique key
  • Fix: Child blocks no longer missing when adding the Hero block to a post
  • Fix: Gallery block's media filter control no longer missing dropdown indicator
  • Fix: Resolve the edit screen failing to load with a Hero block present
  • Fix: Icon block no longer missing height attribute when a size is applied
  • Fix: Styles panel no longer visually broken on the Services block
  • Fix: Styles panel no longer visually broken on the Food and Drinks block
  • Fix: Styles panel no longer visually broken on the Share block
  • Fix: Styles panel no longer visually broken on the Social Profiles block
  • Fix: Author image placeholder no longer misaligned
  • Fix: Orientation control no longer visually broken on the Shape Divider block
  • Fix: Shape Divider block no longer loses focus when using the resize control
  • Fix: Hero block no longer loses focus when using the resize control
  • Fix: Gif block no longer loses focus when using the resize control
  • Fix: Icon block no longer loses focus when using the resize control
  • Fix: Carousel Gallery block no longer loses focus when using the resize control
  • Fix: Row block no longer loses focus when using the resize control
  • Fix: When empty, the Pricing Table block no longer saves to the post content
  • Fix: Features block is now utilizing the available block width
  • Fix: Alert block no longer escapes HTML when transforming another block to it
  • Fix: Click to Tweet block no longer removes inline HTML elements from pasted text
  • Fix: Social Profiles popover component no longer visually broken
1.12.1 2019-10-04
  • Tweak: Start refactoring blocks to align with the Gutenberg Block Registration API RFC
  • Tweak: Add proper block descriptions to the Services block
  • Tweak: Add error notice to the Gist block to prevent silent failures
  • Tweak: Improve accessibility via tab control in the Form block
  • Tweak: Add support for SelectControl components within the Dimensions Controls components
  • Tweak: Add wrapper to Hero block content to provide a max width limitation
  • Fix: Resolve typo in the Icon block
  • Fix: Resolve issue where the active ResizableBox handles properly display
  • Fix: Alert block no longer escapes valid html when transformed
  • Fix: Providing a Gist url with a file hash properly loads the targetted Gist
  • Fix: Resolve issue where custom font sizes led to invalid block markup
  • Fix: Add minor style update to the Typography Controls toolbar icon
  • Fix: Removing the Gist URL will now revert the Gist block to its initial state
  • Fix: Map block is no longer using a global which was previously renamed
1.12.0 2019-10-04
  • New: Add new Logo & Badges block
  • New: Add new Social Profiles block
  • New: Add new Sercives block
  • New: Introduce Jest & PHPUnit tests
  • Tweak: Improve UI of Share block icon selection
  • Tweak: Add top/bottom spacing controls to the core Group block
  • Tweak: Remove admin footer notice
  • Tweak: Update icons for Carousel and Stacked Gallery blocks
  • Tweak: Adjust keywords for Share and Features blocks
  • Tweak: Adjust social icon SVGs
  • Tweak: Adjust Pinterest icon color to the proper brand color
  • Tweak: Remove blue color from icons for a cleaner interface
  • Tweak: Improve Hero block initial state with better placeholders
  • Tweak: Add ascending plan titles to the Pricing Table block
  • Tweak: Hero block now supports IE 11+
  • Tweak: Share and Social Profiles blocks now support IE 11+
  • Tweak: Food & Drinks block now supports IE 11+
  • Tweak: Media Card block now supports IE 11+
  • Fix: Resolve issue where block background colors may not properly display in the editor
  • Fix: Resolve display issue with the Dynamic HR block while using TwentyNineteen
  • Fix: Resolve Hero block z-index issue on wide and full width alignments
  • Fix: Resolve issue with Checkbox list style SVG
  • Fix: Resolve issue with inline links within the Buttons block in Gutenberg 6.1.1