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Releases (5 )

Version Release Date Change Log 2022-12-13
  • Fix: unsetting non existing array key in upgrade
6.3.6 2022-12-13
  • Fix: translatable strings, props @bonaldi
  • Fix: only allow saving script center
  • Fix: error on multisite upgrade
  • Fix: catch error when multiple fonts plugins are installed at the same time, props @rkwp
  • Fix: catch missing menu for user roles without manage privacy capability, props @nicmare, @omniafausta
  • Fix: load cookiebanner css on cookie policy, to ensure hiding of obsolete categories, props @troglos
  • Fix: cookieshredder on setInterval instead of setTimeout, to ensure continuous cleaning, props @path0
  • Fix: set a legal document transient if no Complianz shortcodes are used at all
  • New: Adobe Typekit integration
  • New: Divi Google Maps integration, props @satzundmore
  • Improvement: move script sources to data attribute, to prevent Safari from preloading
  • Improvement: consistency in use of capabilities, changed all caps to manage_privacy
  • Improvement: Allow in google maps address, props @nicmare
  • Improvement: performance improvements, props @paaljoachim
  • Improvement: copy data attributes in script when enabling scripts, props @thebrandonallen
6.3.5 2022-11-07
  • Fix: Change legal document page name on generate, not only on update
  • Fix: remove error_log in proof of consent
  • Fix: prevent duplicate document status field when Terms & conditions is activated
  • Fix: re-enable caching for cookie list when cookie shredder is enabled, props @mkarena
  • Fix: uses_statistics function now also checks if vimeo is used, which is a service using statistics cookies
  • Improvement: drop Mappress integration, as Mappress has implemented the integration on their end
  • Improvement: Extended Google Fonts support
  • Improvement: Explicitly let users enable the cookie banner and cookie blocker
  • Improvement: allow for linebreak in blocked scripts, which fixes ExactMetrics integration
  • Improvement: when checkbox is inserted in Gravity Forms, but the wizard is not completed yet, the privacy statement url will now be updated on the last step of the wizard
  • WCAG: don't add cookie banner html to cookie policy page, to prevent duplicate id issues
  • WCAG: add labels with screen-reader-text class instead of hiding them with display:none, props @sophieweb
  • New: Uncode maps integration
  • New: YotuWP integration
6.3.4 2022-11-01
  • Security update: sanitize translation file string, props @saggre
  • New: Google Maps colibri integration
  • New: WP Google Maps OpenLayers Integration
  • New: Content Views Plugin integration to allow for ajax loaded content
  • New: ActiveCampaign
  • Improvement: some optimizations to make the cookie shredder perform better
  • Improvement: extend translation options for cookies that are not synced with cookiedatabase when using polylang
  • Improvement: use custom thrive hook in certain custom thrive implementations
  • Improvement: also copy 'owndomain' property when creating a cookie in a new language
  • Improvement: regenerate proof of consent pdf on plugin update
  • Improvement: do not offer checkbox on cookie policy for Google Fonts
  • Improvement: extend Matomo Tag Manager integration
  • Improvement: for created directories, set permissions default to 755
  • Improvement: add filter cmplz_banner_html to manage consent area as well, to offer consistent editing of the html
  • Improvement: also change banner status with custom revoke button on status change
  • Improvement: force redirect in firefox to reload with full consent withdrawal, as firefox seems to cache loaded scripts
  • Improvement: bundle integration activation notices
  • Improvement: Updated Google Maps Easy integration
  • Fix: Incorrect sorting of Proof of Consent files prevented them from showing up in the list
  • Fix: update qTranslate integration to allow for banner fields with $field['text'] strings, props @sviluppomania
  • Fix: cookie policy UK not replacing the link because of too many arguments in sprintf
6.3.3 2022-09-20
  • Improvement: conditionally offer link to create menu page
  • Improvement: remove unnecessary translatable strings from policy UK and AU
  • Improvement: remove unnecessary slash in matomo script
  • Improvement: email obfuscation when line break in the email prevented reversal of email
  • Improvement: block activation of plugin below php version 7.2
  • Improvement: dynamically adjust banner text based on advertising settings
  • Improvement: no script tags when there's no actual script to add for statistics
  • New: WordPress store locator integration
  • New: Presto Player integration
  • Fix: changes in manage consent button option causing issue in AMP integration, props @tarbyonline
  • Fix: document options in region redirect menu not correctly filtered
  • Fix: prevent error in system status when wizard not started yet
  • Fix: NOT EMPTY condition on imprint statement
  • Fix: no javascript error report unless script debug enabled
  • Fix: update qTranslate integration to allow for banner fields with $field['text'] strings, props @sviluppomania
  • Fix: cookie policy UK not replacing the link because of too many arguments in sprintf