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Releases (21 )

Version Release Date Change Log
1.1.4 2022-11-18
  • Fix PHP8+ critical error if php_uname is disabled
1.1.3 2022-04-29
  • Fix notices in HTTP Requests panel when a request is stopped/doesn't finish.
  • Decode the SQL in the WP_Query panel.
1.1.2 2020-11-13

Fix error checking in HTTP Requests panel.

1.1.1 2020-11-12

Refactor the HTTP Requests panel: - Remove jQuery usage - Properly display response codes - Better CSS to emphasize errors and long requests ( > 250ms )

1.1 2020-10-28

Add a new panel for HTTP requests using the native WP methods. AMP dev mode compatibility. Change cache busters to use filemtime instead of hardcoded values. Minor CSS updates, so themes don't override the pre styles.

1.0.1 2020-05-19

Update object cache panel CSS to be ready for new object-cache.php release with better stats()

1.0 2018-11-27

Improved compatibility with the toolbar in Jetpack

0.9 2017-05-15

Added panel navigation to toolbar. Improved localization support. Security fixes.

0.8.4 2016-03-08

Updated to avoid incompatibilities with some extensions.

0.8.3 2016-03-07

Updated to avoid PHP7 Deprecated notices.

0.8.2 2014-09-02

Updated to handle a new deprecated message in WordPress 4.0.

0.8.1 2013-05-15

Minor security fix.

0.8 2012-06-13

WordPress 3.3 compatibility UI refresh Removed jQuery UI requirement Full screen by default New debug-bar query parameter to show on page load Removed display cookies JavaScript error tracking (disabled by default)

0.7 2011-03-16

Made compatible with PHP < 5.2.0 CSS Tweaks Load JavaScript in Footer Fixed display issues for WP_Query debug on CPT archives pages

0.6 2011-01-30

Added maximize/restore button Added cookie to keep track of debug bar state Added post type information to WP_Query tab Bug fix where bottom of page was obscured in the admin

0.5 2011-01-15

New UI Backend rewritten with a class for each panel Many miscellaneous improvements

0.4.1 2011-01-13

Compatibility updates for trunk

0.4 2011-01-13

Added DB Version information Updated PHP Warning and Notice tracking so that multiple different errors on the same line are tracked Compatibility updates for trunk

0.3 2011-01-05

Added WordPress Query infomation Added Request parsing information

0.2 2010-11-12

Added PHP Notice / Warning tracking Added deprecated function usage tracking

0.1 2010-11-04

Initial Release