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Releases (16 )

Version Release Date Change Log
1.0.1 2020-05-19

Update object cache panel CSS to be ready for new object-cache.php release with better stats()

1.0 2018-11-27

Improved compatibility with the toolbar in Jetpack

0.9 2017-05-15

Added panel navigation to toolbar. Improved localization support. Security fixes.

0.8.4 2016-03-08

Updated to avoid incompatibilities with some extensions.

0.8.3 2016-03-07

Updated to avoid PHP7 Deprecated notices.

0.8.2 2014-09-02

Updated to handle a new deprecated message in WordPress 4.0.

0.8.1 2013-05-15

Minor security fix.

0.8 2012-06-13

WordPress 3.3 compatibility UI refresh Removed jQuery UI requirement Full screen by default New debug-bar query parameter to show on page load Removed display cookies JavaScript error tracking (disabled by default)

0.7 2011-03-16

Made compatible with PHP < 5.2.0 CSS Tweaks Load JavaScript in Footer Fixed display issues for WP_Query debug on CPT archives pages

0.6 2011-01-30

Added maximize/restore button Added cookie to keep track of debug bar state Added post type information to WP_Query tab Bug fix where bottom of page was obscured in the admin

0.5 2011-01-15

New UI Backend rewritten with a class for each panel Many miscellaneous improvements

0.4.1 2011-01-13

Compatibility updates for trunk

0.4 2011-01-13

Added DB Version information Updated PHP Warning and Notice tracking so that multiple different errors on the same line are tracked Compatibility updates for trunk

0.3 2011-01-05

Added WordPress Query infomation Added Request parsing information

0.2 2010-11-12

Added PHP Notice / Warning tracking Added deprecated function usage tracking

0.1 2010-11-04

Initial Release