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Duplicate page and post plugin provides functionality to create a clone of page or posts. You can duplicate pages, posts and custom post by single click and it will be saved as draft. Duplicate page and post doesn't have a lot of features that other plugins have, but it also is lightning fast by comparison.

Major features of this plugin include

  • Create a clone of particular page.
  • Create a clone of particular post.
  • Create a clone of particular custom post(CPT).
  • Option to select editor (Classic and Gutenberg)
  • Option to add Post Suffix.
  • Option to add custom text for duplicate link button.
  • Option to select Duplicate Posts Status.
  • Option to Redirect after click on Duplicate.

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Releases (9 )

Version Release Date Change Log
2.9.1 2022-09-20
2.9 2022-09-18
2.8 2022-08-21
2.7 2022-03-27
2.6.1 2020-08-03
2.6 2020-06-07
2.5.8 2020-04-04
2.0 2017-09-15
1.0.1 2017-08-19