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NEW! Create Unlimited Folders In The Free Version

Folders is a WordPress plugin that enables users to quickly organize all of their Pages, Posts, and Media files in folders. You can easily drag and drop items into directories and change the folders tree view (hierarchy) as you wish. Looking for some awesome pro features? Check out Folders Pro Plans.


How Folders Plugin Can Help You

There are several ways professionals are using the Folders file manager plugin to organize their WordPress content:

  • Keep all of your media files organized in folders including photos, videos, music, main website pages, and blog posts. You can also place media in multiple folders, such as images used on different pages.
  • Web developers: keep your clients website pages in proper order during and after development. You can also mark a folder with a star or give it a unique name for clients to understand what is important and what they should (or shouldn't) touch.
  • Bloggers: manage your own content with ease with this file manager plugin. Never get confused again organize photos and content by topics, categories, and/or dates.
  • Quickly upload pages, media, and content to your WordPress and easily organize them into directories so theyre never lost. Its content creation and organization at its finest!
  • Mark certain folders as important to quickly find the content you need for your WordPress projects and tasks. No worries about your content getting lost in a sea of directories!
  • Media replace: replace media files with other files. Whenever you replace media, the change will reflect throughout your website on all your pages, posts, etc.

Note: adding a page/post/image into a folder will not change its URL. The folders plugin creates virtual folders, it doesn't create actual folders in your server or WordPress installation.

Live Demo

A live demo for the Folders plugin is available at Premio's demo site.

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So How Does it Work?

Its rather simple really once you install the plugin, you can begin using it. If youre a content creator, you can upload text, images, videos, and audio at the click of a button. Then you can organize everything you upload into neat folders. For instance, you can create a media folder, content folder, and image folder, then have them all organized by date. It has a drag and drop interface, making it user-friendly for everyone. Its like having your own media library at your own disposal. You can create this media library for yourself or others its perfect for website owners and content professionals!


  • Create unlimited folders
  • Drag and drop pages, posts, and media library
  • New! Media replace - replace media files with other files uploaded by you
  • New! Import folders from other plugins - import folders from FileBird, Enhanced Media Library, Wicked Folders, Real Media Library, and WP Media Folder
  • New! Keyboard shortcuts - you can do quick actions with your folders using keyboard shortcuts. For example, you can now create new folders, rename folders, duplicate a folder, reorder folders, and much more - all from your keyboard!
  • You can also move media library files, pages, posts, or any custom post to folders without using our drag and drop feature. Whenever you select any element or select some elements in bulk, you can move it to a folder using our dropdown menu
  • NEW! - Undo action - undo your last action in Folders with the click of a button
  • Select specific folders when you add media to your pages, posts or any other post type
  • Drag and drop folders, change order, and hierarchy
  • Search folder names
  • Create more than one folder at once (separate your folders names with commas)
  • Sort your folders - you can sort your folders based on the name of the folders
  • Media Library folders upload progress bar - track the progress of your uploads to the media library in real-time.
  • Bulk select images and media files and drag them to any folder. No worries, you can also drag and drop media library files one-by-one if you want :)
  • Bulk select and delete folders. You can select one folder or more and delete it in the click of a button
  • While adding images or any kind of file from your media library to your pages and posts, use Folders to view all your media library files based on the folder the files are assigned to
  • Rename folders
  • Monitor all the unassigned media library files, posts, pages, and custom posts so you can organize them easily to your folders
  • Simultaneously assign and organize media, pages, posts, templates, and custom posts while adding them to directories
  • Place content in multiple folders at once
  • Resize folders menu
  • Compatible with RTL admin panel (such as Hebrew, Arabic, etc.)
  • Add and remove folders menu from pages, posts, and media
  • Minimize the folders area if you need extra space


  • Upgrade to pro to get unlimited sub-folders :)
  • Create folders for each post type - use folders with other plugins that have custom post types (e.g. Elementor templates, WooCommerce & more)
  • New! Dynamic Folders - automatically filter posts, pages, custom posts, media library files based on author, date, file types & more
  • New! Delete unused media library files - using the Folders plugin, you can now search for unused media files that take up unnecessary space on your server, and clean them with just a few clicks. You'll see your unused media library sorted from the biggest files to the smallest media library files.
  • Download any media library folder as a ZIP: you can download any media library folder as a zip file. Use this feature to organize your website files and download them locally
  • Sticky folders - you can pin your folders to the upper part of the folders navigation area. Use the sticky folders feature to make your most important folders accessible at all times
  • Add stars to important directories
  • NEW! Upload folders from your PC - upload your local computer folders, and all its structure (including subfolders and their content) will be recreated on your WordPress website
  • Lock folders - locked folders stay pinned, and cannot be dragged or deleted (you can lock all folders/unlock all folders too)
  • NEW! Auto rename file based on the title - replace the actual file name of media files with the title from the WordPress editor
  • NEW! Advanced Media Replacements - replace media files when uploading and update all references in the database, change dates, organize by newer date & more without hurting your SEO
  • Duplicate folders - duplicate an existing folder with all its content
  • Sort your folders based on the creation date
  • Upload directly to a media library folder - you can easily upload images or any other kind of files to a specific folder
  • Select a default folder for your media library, posts, pages, and custom posts - you can select the folder that will load by default when you open your media library, pages, posts, and custom posts. For example, you can show all the unassigned files whenever you open the media library
  • Create media library folders directly when you upload new media files
  • Sticky toolbar for the media library so you can navigate and organize your folders with ease
  • Metadata details on Media Library hover - show useful metadata including title, size, type, date, dimension & more on hover
  • Customize the look and feel of your folders. Change the colors, font, and size of your media folder, pages, posts, and custom posts folders
  • Replace media for all file types - Replace any kind of files while uploading including PDF/SVG/DOCS/XLSX/etc
  • Compare the new media library file with the old file when you replace media - compare old media library files with the new one and compare size, dimension & more
  • NEW! Folders user restriction - when enabled, users will only be able to access their folders and media. Only Admin users will be able to view all folders (which can be enabled for the Dynamic Folders as well)
  • NEW! Move files to the trash by default before deleting - when enabled, files will be moved to the trash to prevent mistakes, and then you can delete them permanently from the trash

Replace media files

With the Folders plugin, you can replace media library files with other files. This feature is a life-saver whenever you need to replace a media file on all of your pages, posts, etc. When you replace a media file, the change will reflect on all of your pages, posts, and more. Check out the media replace feature in action: [youtube] The media replacer code was forked from Enable Media Replace

Import folders

You can import folders data from FileBird, Enhanced Media Library, Wicked Folders, Real Media Library, WP Media Folder, HappyFiles (Happy Files), and Mediamatic

Here Are Some Use Cases

Wondering how you can use these pages, posts, and media library folders plugin for your online business? Heres are a few use cases:

Bloggers: Easily upload content for blogs, including text, photos, videos, and audio files. Then manage everything you upload by placing them in clearly labeled media library folders. Web developers: Design websites in an organized fashion by uploading graphics, animations, site elements, and content all packaged neatly in directories.

E-Commerce businesses: Quickly upload new products and descriptions and then place them in folders organized by categories. For example, shoes, dresses, suits, and undergarments.

Photographers: As a photographer, you may take hundreds of photos per month and many media categories. If you're uploading them to your website, then things can get pretty hectic. Use folders to organize your photographs into media library folders by type, such as people, animals, nature, environment, real estate, weddings, and so on.

Publishers: You have a lot of content to manage, edit, and publish. Wouldn't it be nice to have a way to organize it all? With Folders, you can organize every piece of content and media used in each piece into neat posts folders, pages folders, and media categories based on the media type, date, topic, and so on.

Digital Agencies: You're creating all sorts of content for your clients daily - ads, blog posts, social media content, videos, media categories, and all kind of WordPress media library files. Now, you can easily organize it all by file type, topic, campaign, or other categories using the Folders plugin.


Folders plugin is GDPR compliant:

  • We dont store any visitor or user data
  • We dont send any data to remote servers
  • Our plugin is only used to organize the WordPress media library, pages, and posts

The plugin is compatible with Gutenberg, Elementor website builder, Divi, Visual Composer, WPbakery, Beaver Builder, and any WordPress theme.

Download this plugin today for free and get unlimited folders to organize your WP content. Then unlock unlimited folders with the Pro Plan for max organization!


"Wow, great tool to optimize WordPress productivity
This is such a great tool and fixes something that WordPress lacks in its media library options. Im going to start adding this to all client WordPress sites moving forward for ease of use and added organization. Thanks for your work!"

Justin Parsons, See Justin Code

Order your chaos!
We have thousands of images in our library and tons of products in our online store. So I needed something to get some order in this chaos: enter Folders. The free version gives you a good start. It is immediately clear how you can get about organizing your stuff. I got the upgrade almost immediately, I liked it so much. You can organize your images, pages, products, and lots more. No more endless lists. Highly recommended."

Jan-Wouter Stigter, Malta Furniture Ltd

"Clean, easy to work with, and support group very helpful!
The plugin works great for organizing my media, pages, and posts. Its clean, intuitive, and best of all, it does not slow down the loading of my media, unlike other similar plugins I tried. I especially am appreciative of the willingness of the developers/support staff for input for possible improvements of their plugin and their helpfulness and quick response in solving my issues. I would definitely recommend."

Cynthia Corley, CC Custom Works

Releases (78 )

Version Release Date Change Log
2.8.8 2022-12-08

Minor bug fixed

2.8.7 2022-10-31

WordPress 6.1 Folders compatibility adjustments

2.8.6 2022-10-12
  • We've added a horizontal scroll to the folders view
  • Importing folders works better and faster now, the same goes for uploading folders and media library scan for used files (Pro)
  • Published/Drafts view works for specific folders too
  • Fixed some bugs
2.8.5 2022-08-31

WPML Folders bug fixed

2.8.4 2022-08-29

Infrastructure improvements

2.8.3 2022-08-17

Texts changed

2.8.2 2022-07-06

Keyboard shortcuts bugs fixed.

2.8.1 2022-06-24

Bugs fixed

2.8 2022-06-20

Weve keyboard shortcuts and added the option to clean unused media library files in the Pro version. Weve also fixed some bugs :)

2.7.4 2022-01-17

Divi bug fixed

2.7.3 2022-01-11

Performance improvements

2.7.2 2021-11-01

Replace media bugs fixed

2.7.1 2021-09-19

WordPress 5.8 compatibility

2.7 2021-06-28

UI & performance improvements. We've also fixed some bugs

2.6.9 2021-03-24

Undo your last action and fixed some bugs and plugin conflicts

2.6.8 2021-03-08

Unlimited folders are now available in the free version We've also added an option to purge all plugin's data on removal + fixed some bugs

2.6.7 2021-01-18

List view folders bulk actions bug fixed

2.6.6 2021-01-13

Bugs fixed

2.6.5 2021-01-07

Import folders from HappyFiles (Happy Files) and Mediamatic + fixed some bugs

2.6.4 2020-12-31

iPad bugs fixed

2.6.3 2020-12-31

Replace media feature, import option (FileBird, Enhanced Media Library, Wicked Folders, Real Media Library, and WP Media Folder), create multiple folders at once (comma separated), option to hide Folders settings from main menu, bug fixed

2.6.2 2020-12-01

WordPress 5.6 compatibility + Visual composer overlapping bug fixed

2.6.1 2020-11-25

Various bugs fixed

2.6 2020-11-20

Gallery related bugs and items-counter issues were fixed

2.5.9 2020-11-10

We've significantly improved the drag and drop experience (and we've also fixed some bugs)

2.5.8 2020-09-01

Folders settings checkbox bug fix and some other minor bugs were fixed

2.5.7 2020-08-21

Quick edit and search folder fix

2.5.6 2020-08-19

CSS bug fixed

2.5.5 2020-08-19

Various bugs were fixed after our last major release

2.5.4 2020-08-18

Divi bug fixed

2.5.3 2020-08-17

New and better design! We've added a search field, the minimum size of the Folders area is much smaller now, we've added Folders to the add media view, added a duplicate option, and many other cool features and bug fixes.

2.5.2 2020-08-06

WP 5.5

2.5.1 2020-07-07

Sort your folders based on name and creation date. We've also added some usability improvements, fixed some WPML and Polylang issue, and fixed some bugs

2.5 2020-05-26

When you use a media library folder in pages and posts, your choice will be stored for next uses. We've also fixed some RTL UI issues. You can also remove the upper folders if you want. We've added an option to bulk move files in the media library in list mode (not using drag and drop).

2.4.9 2020-05-10

The Add new page of the media library is not connected to Folders

2.4.8 2020-04-27

Update issue fixed

2.4.7 2020-04-27

Pages folders and posts folders count fix

2.4.6 2020-04-22

Added support for non-public custom posts

2.4.5 2020-03-12

Width issue for posts, pages, and custom posts + onboarding for new users

2.4.4 2020-03-06

From now on when you clone/edit/publish pages, posts and custom posts in a specific folder, you'll stay in that folder

2.4.3 2020-02-28

Small bugs fixed including: folder filtering bugs (trash, draft etc), WooCommerce products duplicate bug, quick edit in folders, Media Library Assistant compatibility and more

2.4.2 2020-02-21

Added a progress bar when you upload files to the media library folders. You can now track how many files were uploaded in real time. We've also fixed a default folders bug.

2.4.1 2020-02-06

PHP 7.3 fix

2.4 2020-02-05

Move elements (media library, posts, pages, custom posts) to folders by selecting the element and selecting the relevant folder from our dropdown. Also added some UI improvements :)

2.3.9 2020-01-16

Fixed long folders names bug

2.3.8 2020-01-07

Polylang media library fix

2.3.7 2020-01-05

Translation support change

2.3.6 2020-01-03

Added translation support

2.3.5 2020-01-01

Folder order when adding a media library file to posts/pages fix, and infrastructure improvments

2.3.4 2019-12-17

Thrive Themes Architect bug fixed

2.3.2 2019-11-06

You can customize the folders look and feel now: change colors, font, and size of folders. We've also added some features to improve the easy-of-use like Enter key to create a new folder and more.

2.3.1 2019-10-24

We've added an indication for succesful actions (like moving elements into a folder, changing folders names etc)

2.3 2019-10-16

Select a default folder for your media library, pages, posts, and custom posts. We've also added a knowledge base with all FAQs.

2.2.9 2019-10-13

Better media library to folders bulk drag and drop in list mode

2.2.8 2019-10-11

Folder organization dropdown bug

2.2.7 2019-10-02

Better folder drag and drop

2.2.6 2019-09-30

Bug fixes

2.2.5 2019-09-27

Folders is much faster and smoother now. We've also fixed a media library resolution bug for Mac+Safari

2.2.4 2019-09-23

Class variable folder fixes

2.2.3 2019-09-19

Javascript functionality conflict

2.2.2 2019-09-18
  • Replaced sweetalert to avoid conflicts with other plugins
2.2.1 2019-09-11
  • Folders settings type bug fixed
2.2 2019-08-30
  • Fixed collapsed menu state bug
2.1.9 2019-08-10
  • Screen resolution bug fixed
2.1.8 2019-08-01
  • Upgrade fix
2.1.7 2019-07-31
  • Better drag and drop, SportPress support
2.1.6 2019-07-27
  • Now you can drag and drop single media library files without clicking on the "Organize" button. We've also fixed a WooCommerce products page bug, Safari issue and some other media library issues
2.1.5 2019-07-16
  • You don't need to hit the "Organize" button each time you drag media files now, once you click on it you get into "Organize mode" until you click on the "Cancel" button + when you upload new media files you can select the folder in advance + fixed the hidden div thanks @nubess
2.1.4 2019-07-14
  • Move one media file/post/page/custom post to more than one folder + quick edit bug fix :)
2.1.3 2019-06-27
  • You can now minimize the folders section if you need that extra space :)
2.1.2 2019-06-10
  • Now you can see all the unassinged media folder files, pages, posts and custom posts
2.1.1 2019-05-26
  • Some exciting updates including: select relevant folders when you add media, keep your media library toolbar sticky when you organize you media, we support custom posts now, security fixes, bug fixes and more!
2.0.5 2019-05-10
  • Upgrade page change
2.0.4 2019-04-04

Fixed the collision with Enhanced Media Library plugin

2.0.3 2019-03-19

Fixed php warnings for php higher version than 5.4

2.0.2 2019-02-18

PHP 7.2 bug fix

2.0.1 2019-02-08
  • Brand New UI, Drag and Drop option, organize within the pages, posts and media library
1.3.7 2019-02-07