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This plugin generates shortcodes for every column configuration available with the column classes provided by the Genesis Framework by StudioPress. Shortcodes are easily added using a custom button in your Wordpress editor.

Plugin Highlights

  • New All shortcodes now support the "class" attribute
  • New Added a columns container utility shortcode, see the FAQ for more info
  • 35 different responsive column configurations available
  • Includes two utility shortcodes to assist with layout
  • Only adds one button to your Wordpress editor
  • Custom button design integrates seamlessly with the core Wordpress aesthetic
  • Developed for Genesis Framework users but usable by all! (See note on Installation page)

If you have questions or would like to request additional features, such as additional utility shortcodes, please let me know in the plugin support forum.

Please Note: This plugin was not developed by Studiopress, the makers of Genesis, and we have no affiliation with the company. We just love the Framework and like building useful tools for Genesis users.

Support This Plugin

There are a few ways you can help support the development of this plugin:

  1. If you spot an error or bug, please let us know in the support forums. The issue will be diagnosed an a new release push out as soon as possible.
  2. Donate. Time is money, and contributions from users like you really help us dedicate more hours to the continual development and support of this plugin.

Releases (10 )

Version Release Date Change Log
2.0.3 2017-11-14

(20171-12) = * Fixed bug with incorrect column widths (Thanks fourlightsweb)

2.0.2 2016-09-08

(2016-8-14) = * Added default styling to columns-container shortcode to fix styling bug

2.0.1 2016-07-13
  • Fixed bug with missing styles for the vertical-spacer shortcode (Thanks DanaE23!)
2.0.0 2016-07-07
  • Complete plugin overhaul to comply with WP standards
  • Plugin is now fully translatable
  • Plugin is now completely standalone, does not require the Genesis Framework
  • Added brand new UI for the TinyMCE popup
  • Added fifths
  • Added id and style attributes to all shortcodes
1.1.0 2016-03-04
  • Added class attributes to all shortcodes
  • Added the columns container utility shortcode
1.0.4 2016-03-04
  • Updated readme
  • Added new banner and icon
1.0.3 2015-09-02
  • Fixed bug associated with adding columns on HTTPS websites
1.0.2 2015-08-19
  • Fixed bug associated with columns with a width of two-fourths
1.0.1 2015-08-19
  • Fixed bug associated with wpautop
1.0.0 2015-02-17
  • Initial Release