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Login for Google Apps allows existing WordPress user accounts to login to your website using Google to securely authenticate their account. This means that if they are already logged into Gmail for example, they can simply click their way through the WordPress login screen - no username or password is explicitly required!

Login for Google Apps uses the latest secure OAuth2 authentication recommended by Google, including 2-factor Auth if enabled for your Google Workspace (formerly known asGoogle AppsandG Suite) accounts.

This is far simpler to configure than the older SAML protocol.

Login for Google Apps is trusted by thousands of organizations from schools to large public companies. Login for Google Apps for WordPress is the most popular enterprise grade plugin enabling login and user management based on your Google Workspace domain.

Its plugin setup requires you to have admin access to any Google Workspace domain, or a regular Gmail account, to register and obtain two simple codes from Google.

Support and Premium features

Full support and premium features are also available for purchase:

Eliminate the need for Google Workspace (previous calledGoogle AppsandG Suite) domain admins to separately manage WordPress user accounts, and get peace of mind only authorized employees have access to your organizations's websites and intranet.

See our website at for more details.

The Premium version allows everyone in your Google Workspace (Google Apps / G Suite) domain to login to WordPress - an account will be automatically created in WordPress if one doesn't already exist.

Our Enterprise version goes further, allowing you to specify granular access and role controls based on Google Group or Organizational Unit membership.

You can also see logs of accounts created and roles changed by the plugin.

Extensible Platform

Login for Google Apps allows you to centralize your site's Google functionality and build your own extensions, or use third-party extensions, which require no configuration themselves and share the same user authentication and permissions that users already allowed for Login for Google Apps itself.

Using our platform, your website appears to Google accounts as one unified 'web application', making it more secure and easier to manage.

Google Drive Embedder is an extension plugin allowing users to browse for Google Drive documents to embed directly in their posts or pages.

Google Apps Directory is an extension plugin allowing logged-in users to search your Google Apps employee directory from a widget on your intranet or client site.

Google Profile Avatars is available on our website. It displays users' Google profile photos in place of their avatars throughout your site.

Login for Google Apps works on single or multisite WordPress websites or private intranets.


One-click login will work for the following domains and user accounts:

  • Google Workspace Starter
  • Google Workspace Business Standard
  • Google Workspace Business Plus
  • Google Workspace Enterprise
  • Google Workspace for Nonprofits
  • Google Workspace for Government
  • Google Classroom (Google Workspace for Education)
  • Personal and emails

Login for Google Apps uses the latest secure OAuth2 authentication recommended by Google. Other 3rd party authentication plugins may allow you to use your Google username and password to login, but they do not do this securely unless they also use OAuth2. This is discussed further in the FAQ.


This plugin currently operates in the following languages:

  • English - default
  • French (fr_FR) - translated by Lucien Ntumba of
  • Spanish (es_ES) - translated by David Perez of Closemarketing
  • Danish (da_DK) - translated by Alexander Leo-Hansen of
  • Serbo-Croatian (sr_RS) - translated by Borisa Djuraskovic of Web Hosting Hub
  • Arabic (ar_SA) - translated by Jeremy Varnham
  • Ukrainian (uk_UA) - translated by Serj Kondrashov
  • Dutch (nl_NL) - translated by Noell Taravati of Peppix
  • Swedish (sv_SE) - translated by Johan Linde of S/Y ELLEN
  • Italian (it_IT) - translated by Giorgio Draghetti of tipinoncomuni
  • Persian (fa_IR) - translated by Saeed1000
  • Belarussian (be_BY) - translated by Natasha Dyatko of UStarCash
  • Indonesian (id_ID) - translated by Jordan Silaen of

We welcome volunteers to translate into their own language. If you would like to contribute a translation, please click Translate under Contributors & Developers below.

Website and Upgrades

Please see our website for more information about this free plugin and extra features available in our Premium and Enterprise upgrades, plus support details, other plugins, and useful guides for admins of WordPress sites and Google Apps.

The Premium and Enterprise versions eliminate the need to manage user accounts in your WordPress site - everything is synced from Google Apps instead.

If you are building your organization's intranet on WordPress, try out our All-In-One Intranet plugin.

Releases (39 )

Version Release Date Change Log
3.4.6 2022-12-15

Fixed: Auth errors when redirect login is enabled Removed: gal_login_form_readyjs filter.

3.4.5 2022-11-30

Updated: Plugin name. Fixed: Admin escaping

3.4.4 2021-04-13

Updated compatibility with the WordPress 5.7 release. Login with the google button removed static images generated same button using HTML code and use google svg icon Bug fixed for header already sent

3.4.3 2020-10-12

Updated compatibility with the WordPress 5.7 release.

3.4.2 2020-06-12

Added missing alt attribute in image tag. Set httponly flag in cookie. Added custom text support for login with google button.

3.4 2020-06-10

Bug fixing for Invalid parameter value for approval_prompt: 'auto'. Updated compatibility with the WordPress 5.4 release.

3.4.1 2020-06-10

Bug fixing for PHP Notice: Undefined index: approval_prompt. Bug Fixing for PHP Deprecated: Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is deprecated.

3.3 2020-04-21

Added permission check functionality Added Google Drive Embedder insufficient permission error fixes Added Login With Google buttons branding Updated compatibility with the WordPress 5.3.1 release

3.2 2018-05-16

Added workaround for incompatibility with WPMU Defender plugin's new 2FA feature. Updated compatibility with the upcoming WordPress 4.9 release.

3.0 2017-09-26

Internal changes to Google Client library. Essential for the latest versions of some extension plugins such as Google Drive Embedder.

2.10.5 2017-04-10

Multisite improvements: better handling of COOKIE_DOMAIN configuration and also allows login redirects straight to subsites even when login is handled by the root site's wp-login.php page. Login page cookies now last for the length of the current browser session instead of for a fixed time, so this should reduce unexpected 'Session mismatch' errors.

Ensures plugin options are not loaded until 'plugins_loaded' stage. This makes it easier to use the gal_options hook more reliably.

Added language files for be_BY. Added filters 'gal_options' and 'gal_sa_options' so you can configure settings using PHP code.

Changed the way Google client library is included to avoid conflicts with other Google-related plugins that set the include path in a way that doesn't allow for other plugins.

2.10.4 2016-10-05

Ensures plugin options are not loaded until 'plugins_loaded' stage. This makes it easier to use the gal_options hook more reliably.

Added language files for be_BY. Added filters 'gal_options' and 'gal_sa_options' so you can configure settings using PHP code.

Changed the way Google client library is included to avoid conflicts with other Google-related plugins that set the include path in a way that doesn't allow for other plugins.

2.9.7 2016-07-29

Added gal_set_login_cookie filter so you can prevent Google Apps Login from setting its wordpress_google_apps_login cookie under certain circumstances. It only technically needs to be set on the wp-login.php page in most installations, and you may find that if it sets the cookie on any page load (which it does when not already set) then this prevents caching on heavy traffic pages.

2.9.6 2016-05-09

New 'Remember Me' in advanced options. Check to ensure users are not automatically logged out at the end of their browser session. This applies to all users using 'Login with Google'. It has the same functionality as checking the 'Remember Me' checkbox on the login form when using regular WordPress username/password to login.

Improved handling of errors when multiple versions of the plugin are inadvertently activated.

2.8.17 2016-01-20

Added filter gal_login_button_text so developers can customize the 'Login with Google' button in all versions (in Premium/Enterprise, it is possible to set the button text in settings, and that will always take priority if set).

Fixed a text injection vulnerability whereby it was possible for a third party to trick a user into viewing a version of the login page containing an error message entirely of their own choosing - all sites should upgrade to this plugin version.

2.8.16 2016-01-11

Updated to work correctly alongside some plugins that change the login URL from /wp-login.php to something else.

2.8.15 2015-11-30

Removed a WordPress function that is deprecated in WP 4.4 - force_ssl_login This could have resulted in some visible warning messages.

2.8.14 2015-11-24

Updated some URLs pointing to information about Premium/Enterprise upgrades. Readme updated.

2.8.13 2015-11-20

Ready for WordPress 4.4. New translation strings for languages.

2.8.12 2015-11-02

Opportunity to sign up for emails on Google Apps and WordPress, from settings page.

2.8.11 2015-09-14

Service Account Client ID is imported from JSON key file so user can copy and paste it into

2.8.3 2015-08-10

Resolved conflict with some other plugins over Google-related function names.

2.8.1 2014-12-22

'Session mismatch' warning should be much less of a problem now.

2.8 2014-12-12

Session mismatch (could be a problem setting cookies) should now occur less frequently. Service Account can have no admin email (for accounts).

2.7 2014-11-03

Accepts filter gal_client_config_ini containing filesystem path to an INI file to supply to Google's client library on instantiation, so you can override settings. Added substitution version core/Google/IO/DebugVersionOfCurl.php to replace core/Google/IO/Curl.php temporarily to log communications to Google's server for debugging purposes.

2.5.2 2014-08-28

Service Account settings can be uploaded by copy-and-paste of JSON file contents as well as just uploading the file directly.

2.5 2014-07-21

Platform extended to provide Service Account settings.

2.4.4 2014-06-13

Readme updates and tidied settings page.

2.4.3 2014-05-23

New hooks for profile photos. Updated Google client library.

2.3.1 2014-05-06

Fixed conflicts with some other plugins such as Google Analyticator which use similar Google client libraries.

2.3 2014-04-09

Better organized config pages.

Uses latest Google client library.

Option to link to from login page.

2.2 2014-03-25

Fix for an error seen on multisite admin. Added Arabic translation.

2.1 2014-02-24

New design to support multiple languages. Includes Serbo-Croatian. Fixed some conflicts with other plugins when used in 'auto redirect to Google' mode.

2.0 2014-02-09

Our platform provides centralized setup and management of Google-related features in your WordPress site and plugins.

Other developers can easily extend our Google authentication into their own plugins.

1.4 2014-01-06

Added clearer instructions, plus new options: automatically redirect users to Login via Google; plus force users to fully approve access to their Google account every time they login (allowing them to switch accounts if only logged into the wrong one, as well as making the process clearer).

1.3 2013-12-30

Much neater support for redirecting users to most appropriate page post-login, especially on multisite installations; Better notices guiding admins through configuration

1.2 2013-12-14
1.1 2013-12-09

Upgrade recommended Increased security - uses an extra authenticity check Better support for mal-configured Google credentials No longer uses PHP-based sessions - will work on even more WordPress configurations

1.0 2013-12-04

All existing versions are functionally identical - no need to upgrade.