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Gmedia Photo Gallery

Manage files, show image galleries and photo slideshows, play music on your site with Gmedia Gallery plugin. Gmedia Gallery plugin provides a comprehensive interface for handling galleries, images, video & audio files.

With Gmedia Gallery plugin you can upload an unlimited number of photo and audio files, create dozens of galleries and playlists, group pictures and other files in albums, add tags for each file. Handle any file format and link any files with images in few clicks. You can import images with captions from Worpress Media Library, Flagallery plugin and from NextGen Gallery plugin right to Gmedia Library.


  • Amron - bundled FREE lightweight and fast gllery which will fit any website.
  • UltraBox - Grid/Justify/Massonry gallery with Related Images support in lightbox + EXIF/GPS info, global search, tag filter.
  • GmediaSlider - Responsive Image Slider with slideshow.
  • MultiSlider (3 in 1) - Image Slider with a lot of options and 3 different layouts.
  • PhotoBlog Style Gallery - Pinterest style gallery with global search and photo proofing.
  • AlbumsList Masonry - Splash Slider with custom lightbox and masonry collection view.
  • AlbumsList - Splash Slider with custom lightbox.
  • WoowSlider - unique responsive Slider.
  • AlbumsGrid - Splash Gallery for your Albums (terms).
  • PhotoCluster - Accordeon Splash Slider for your Albums.
  • Cubik 3D - 3D Cube Gallery with social sharing.
  • Phantom Pro - Wall/Grid Gallery.
  • WaveSurfer - responsive SoundCloud like music player with terms support (tags, albums, categories) and ability to show track covers.
  • PhotoTravlr - responsive gallery with terms support (tags, albums, categories) and extended details for each image.
  • PhotoMania (GmediaCloud demo) - free responsive gallery.
  • Mosaic - gallery with masonry layout.
  • RealSlider - image/video gallery slider, responsive and touch friendly gallery with 50+ options for customization.
  • PhotoBox - silky-smooth animations and transitions.
  • Music Player - audio player with playlist.
  • More Galleries...


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How to create FREE responsive photo gallery

Create responsive photo gallery in few clicks. Various customization options and awesome features.

Friendly for iPad and iPhone. Doesnt slow down your website. Unlimited galleries on your website with unlimited customizations for each gallery.

Gallery Features

  • New in 1.9.: **New free gallery module: Cubik Lite - 3D Cube Gallery (HTML5, CSS3, JS, responsive)*
  • New in 1.9.: **Option to show own Gmedia Albums on Author Pofile page*
  • New in 1.9.: *Option to automatically create gallery in Post with related images (images with the same tags as in Post)**
  • New in 1.9.: **Show Related Media for WP tags and categories archive pages*
  • Widget for Album and for Gallery
  • Comments for Gmedia Items
  • Integration with WordPress Search. Gmedia items looks like a regular post with comments. Also you can search for albums and galleries
  • Music player & WaveForm for music. Create and save music waveforms & display them nicely with WaveSurfer music module
  • Duplicate item in Gmedia Library
  • iOS application "Gmedia" - iOS manage application to manage your Library with your iPhone
  • Full Page Gallery Template - "GmediaCloud" pages with permalink support
  • Share Images, Albums, Tags, Galleries via admin panel
  • Create custom gallery query filters with selected parameters
  • Cover for Album
  • Mobile friendly, responsive gallery
  • Add tags, assign categories and group images in albums
  • Drag'n'drop sorting for files in Album
  • Easy editing media files data in Edit Mode
  • Image Editor with Filters
  • Geolocation for photos (EXIF GPS coordinates show on map with Google Maps)
  • **Create many galleries with different options
  • Easily adding gallery shortcode to post in one click
  • Easily adding images from Gmedia Library to post
  • Set Featured Post Image (Post Thumbnail) from Gmedia Library
  • Import Wordpress Media Library files
  • Uses WordPress' native Image Resizer
  • Import files from server folder or from others gallery plugins
  • Gmedia Cloud Pages - Full Window Gallery Templates (like GRAND Page in Flagallery) - you can copy gallery permalink or any items's permalink and insert it in the website menu
  • Custom Templates for GmediaCloud pages (can be selected on Gmedia Settings page)
  • Role/Capability Manager intergrated
  • Statuses: public, private (only for logged in users), etc. for files, albums, galleries
  • Batch operations with selected Gmedia items

Create Slideshow Galleries with using tags and automatically add images to several galleries by assigning these tags to uploaded photos.

Easily add photos from Gmedia Library to the Post by using Add Media -> Gmedia Gallery tab MetaBox. One click for inserting image or gallery right in your page.

Set Post Featured Image (Post Thumbnail) from Gmedia Library.

With our versatile plugin you can magically change the look and feel of your photo gallery, a huge selection of modules will help you embed the gallery in your posts and web pages making them feel complete. You will appreciate user friendly interface of admin panel, making the creation of unique and contemporary style gallery an easy and fun process, and attracting increasing attention from viewers.

Gmedia Gallery is the result of hundreds of hours of working to bring you the ultimate photo managing tool. With a lot of features, flexible options and a wide range of customizations, editing and publishing galleries, Gmedia Gallery is a smart addition to any blogger's arsenal. Whether you're photographer or a blogger, you'll like the Gmedia Gallery plugin.


Releases (28 )

Version Release Date Change Log
1.18.0 2020-04-09
1.17.6 2020-03-10
1.16.7 2019-10-24
1.16.6 2019-10-21
1.16.4 2019-09-09
1.14.7 2019-01-29
1.13.4 2018-10-24
1.13.2 2018-09-21
1.12.4 2018-03-26
1.12.1 2018-01-24
1.9.20 2017-06-10
1.9.16 2017-05-11
1.8.94 2016-11-12
1.8.80 2016-10-03
1.8.23 2016-04-25
  • Fixed: If gallery source is album, then set order from album (with ability to overwrite by query parameter)
1.8.14 2016-04-18
  • Fixed: Multiple categories in Edit Mode
1.8.12 2016-04-01
  • New: Ability to create own categories
  • New: Ability to assign few categories to one item
  • New: Ability to assign categories to non images
  • Added: New capability for managing categories
1.8.10 2016-03-24
  • Added: Stack for Gmedia Items
  • New: Selected items now cleared automatically after Action
  • Changed: Numeric title from EXIF will be saved to DB
1.7.56 2016-02-15
  • Fixed: error "jQuery is not defined" on some themes
1.6.9 2015-07-03
  • Fixed: Album custom sorting
1.5.91 2015-04-14
  • Fixed compatibility with PHP v5.2
  • Small fixes and improvements
1.4.2 2015-02-13
  • Fixed music and video Custom Cover when image url is set instead of ID
  • Fixed View Original link on Gmedia Library page
  • Added option to add Gmedia button on custom posts
  • Added option to add image Exif data to image description via Batch Edit
  • If mp3 have ID3Tag image cover in it, this image shows automatically. (You need update metadata for music files)
  • Small changes on Gmedia Library page
  • Small CSS changes on admin pages
  • Music player module updated to new version
1.3.7 2015-01-27
  • Fixed css on Modules page
1.2.6 2014-10-15
  • Disable PHP error reporting on update.php file
1.1.1 2014-07-09
  • Fixed Gallery Preview
0.9.23 2014-05-28
  • Add setting to "no format" shortcode's content
  • Update all modules
  • Added manual height option to gallery modules
0.8.6 2013-09-18
  • Improved Messages fixed at top if window scroll
  • Improved Key saved on Activation
  • Fixed hitcounter for flash modules
  • Fixed Afflux Module js error
0.6.3 2013-05-20
  • Fixes and improvements
  • Added Error Handler to File Uploader